Speedway - Woofinden: Bikes quick enough

Team Great Britain's Tai Woffinden says he has the bikes to break into the World Championship's top eight.

Speedway - Woffinden becomes Britain's first world champion in 13 years

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Tai Woffinden (Speedway GP)

Woffinden was impressive in the SGP event in Auckland, won race 14, and ended up in the semi-finals, claiming nine points. It was his best performance to date.

The Wolves rider said that in his 2010 SGP debut season he lacked the equipment to seriously challenge, but that is no longer a concern.

“I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think I was going to be competitive," Woffinden said. "I knew working with Johnsy was going to help me out straight away. I can beat every rider out there – no question about it. It’s just about it happening on the day and me getting the right setup.

“I’ve got the engine underneath me and it’s down to me now. We’ll see how we go. I definitely know I am capable – we’re all on bikes with two wheels and we’re all going as quickly as each other.

“I’ve said from day one that the top eight is my goal. I’m in that section now and I’ve just got to maintain that for the rest of the year.”

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