I spent 3 nights in an all-inclusive Alaska resort for $8,950. It came with helicopter access and felt like adult summer camp.

Woman standing by glacial pond in front of mountains and rocks in Alaska
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is a luxurious resort in Alaska.Brendan Cole
  • I went on a solo trip to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska, about 60 miles from Anchorage.

  • The remote all-inclusive resort was filled with relaxation and adventure.

  • I loved having helicopter access and I made a lot of connections on my trip.

For my first trip to Alaska this summer, I decided to forego the typical cruise and instead stayed at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. The all-inclusive wilderness resort is located 60 miles northwest of Anchorage and accessible only by ski plane.

My three-day/night package cost about $8,950 and included meals, lodging, transportation to and from Anchorage, non-alcoholic beverages, and access to other amenities.

Alaska's long summer days full of sunlight and all of the various adventures really made Todrillo feel like an adult summer camp — and it was perfect for a solo trip. Here's why I'd recommend this experience to other solo travelers.

I had plenty of opportunities for adventures led by experts

Woman climbing down mountain in Alaska with blue, white-capped mountains in the background
Woman climbing down mountain in Alaska with blue, white-capped mountains in the background

No meditation app can match the sights, smells, and sounds of being fully immersed in Mother Nature herself.Brendan Cole

I'm a city girl and hardly a survivalist. I'd never recommend venturing out into the Alaskan wilderness solo but at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, off-property excursions are led by experienced guides who are trained and equipped to deal with the wildlife (bears are not uncommon) or unexpected weather conditions you might encounter.

The guides were excellent and I was never totally alone except when I had to wander off to pee in a bush.

At this resort, guests also have access to a helicopter included in their stay. Each morning, at breakfast, we would chat with our guides and plan our day based on our interests and the weather, which could determine whether we could fly or not.

a helicopter on a snow back in front of the Alaskan mountains
a helicopter on a snow back in front of the Alaskan mountains

Amber Gibson

With a helicopter and tons of beautiful wilderness at my disposal, every day was full of wild new adventures. I found myself climbing mountain routes, exploring the Triumvirate Glacier, and even taking a dip in a glacial pond.

The Alaskan wilderness — and the resort — also felt incredibly meditative

Being surrounded by nature is beautiful and overwhelming in the best way when you're all by yourself. It's an amazing opportunity for reflection, introspection, and gratitude that can't be mimicked by any meditation app.

Curling up lakeside on one of Tordrillo's repurposed ski-lift swings to read might sound simple, but something about Alaska makes the mundane magical. I also appreciated relaxing in the resort's sauna and hot tub.

I never felt lonely and found staying at the lodge made it easier to form connections with others

Most of the folks I met during my stay in Alaska were friendly, welcoming, and happy to share recommendations and their appreciation of their home state with visitors.

I felt cared for during every part of my trip, from the lovely greeter who picked me up at the Anchorage International Airport to the talented Chef Gary Garcia at the lodge who packed me extra dark-chocolate-ganache shortbread tarts for my plane ride home.

I also found it was easy to make friends with other lodge guests, so I never felt lonely. We'd dine as a group each night, regaling each other with stories from the day's escapades over a gourmet meal of venison loin, sockeye salmon, or Dungeness crab.

I'm still in touch with several people I met at Tordrillo via Instagram.

Lastly, I think Alaska's an especially great place to stick to your own schedule if you visit in the summer 

Summers in Alaska are incredible – some days, the sun rises at 5 a.m. and doesn't set until after 9 p.m. During my trip, I found the temperatures were balmy, comfortably in the 70s Fahrenheit well after dinner.

The weather and ample daylight were especially nice since I was traveling by myself and I was entirely free to set my own schedule, even if it felt unusual. For example, going out on the lake for a paddle or jet ski after dinner until 11 p.m. then keeping the blackout curtains down and sleeping until 8 a.m.

Or electing to go to bed early and try to wake up for sunrise, all without having to be considerate of a travel companion's sleep schedule.

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