Sports quiz of the week: Ashes centuries, Ballon d'Or records and a quick finish

Paul Campbell
The Guardian
<span class="element-image__caption">Vasyl Lomachenko catches Guillermo Rigondeaux during their junior lightweight bout at Madison Square Garden last Saturday night.</span> <span class="element-image__credit">Photograph: Steven Ryan/Getty Images</span>
Vasyl Lomachenko catches Guillermo Rigondeaux during their junior lightweight bout at Madison Square Garden last Saturday night. Photograph: Steven Ryan/Getty Images
  • Who has declared himself "the proudest man in Proudsville"?

    1. Pep Guardiola

    2. Steve Smith

    3. Dawid Malan

    4. Sean Dyche

    5. Why will Aljaz Bedene, Britain’s No2 tennis player, not represent Team GB at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo?

      1. He won’t travel to Tokyo as he says it is a “jumped-up dump”

      2. He will be representing Slovenia from 1 January 2018

      3. He says the "Olympics are for track and field not tennis"

      4. He has joined the professional squash circuit and it is not an Olympic sport

      5. Complete the sequence: Steve Smith, Shaun Marsh, Dawid Malan…

        1. Jonny Bairstow

        2. Alastair Cook

        3. Stuart Broad

        4. Nathan Lyon

        5. How did Bairstow celebrate after hitting a century for England in the Ashes?

          1. He poured a cup of water over James Anderson's head

          2. He headbutted his helmet

          3. He walked up to Cameron Bancroft and kissed him on the forehead

          4. He mimicked someone downing a pint of beer

          5. Manchester City have won 16 of their 17 games in the Premier League this season. Which team has taken points off them?

            1. Chelsea

            2. Everton

            3. Liverpool

            4. Burnley

            5. Pep Guardiola has become only the second manager to have won the Premier League's manager of the month award three times in a row. Who was the first?

              1. Kevin Keegan

              2. David O'Leary

              3. Paul Jewell

              4. Antonio Conte

              5. What new nickname has Vasyl Lomachenko given himself?

                1. " Vasyl Loma-Jedi"

                2. "No más Chenko"

                3. "Verily, verily Vasyl"

                4. "Vasyl Jonah Lomu-chenko"

                5. Anthony Joshua is the favourite to win the Sports Personality of the Year award on Sunday night. Who was the last boxer to pick up the prize?

                  1. Tyson Fury

                  2. Henry Cooper

                  3. Carl Frampton

                  4. Joe Calzaghe

                  5. Lennox Lewis

                  6. What did Arsène Wenger say when asked about the differences between his Invincibles team at Arsenal and Manchester City’s unbeaten team this season?

                    1. "We face a Manchester United team that attacked"

                    2. "Referees didn’t favour us"

                    3. “We had no petrol”

                    4. "My team could defend"

                    5. Cristiano Ronaldo won the fifth Ballon d'Or this week, meaning he and Lionel Messi have on five each in the last decade. Who won the award in 2007?

                      1. Pavel Nedved

                      2. Fabio Cannavaro

                      3. Michael Owen

                      4. Kaká


                      1:D - After Burnley jumped into the top four of the Premier League, Dyche said: "I'm very proud, I'm super proud, I'm the proudest man in Proudsville.", 2:B - Bedene, who lives in London and became a British citizen in March 2015, wanted to represent Great Britain in the Davis Cup and Olympics but the authorities ruled him ineligible so he has returned to competing for Slovenia., 3:A - The centurions in the current Ashes series., 4:B - It wasn't his first headbutt of the tour., 5:B - And that was before Sam Allardyce showed up. , 6:D - Conte won it in October, November and December 2016., 7:B - Lomachenko was speaking after his victory against Guillermo Rigondeaux, his fourth consecutive opponent who has retired in the corner between rounds. The joke is a reference to the famous "No Más" fight between Roberto Durán and Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980., 8:D - Calzaghe won the award in 2007, when Ricky Hatton also finished in the top three., 9:C - Wenger said: “We had no petrol but ideas. They have petrol and ideas, so that makes it more efficient. Everything goes for them inside the games. They have quality to turn it in their favour. They have plenty of resources and quality”, 10:D - Kaká said this week: "It's great for me when Cristiano or Messi win a Ballon d'Or, because then everybody remembers mine."


                      • 10 and above.


                      • 9 and above.


                      • 8 and above.


                      • 7 and above.


                      • 6 and above.

                        Pretty good

                      • 5 and above.


                      • 4 and above.

                        Not bad

                      • 3 and above.

                        Poor show

                      • 2 and above.

                        Poor show

                      • 1 and above.

                        Oh dear

                      • 0 and above.

                        Oh dear

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