Sports quiz of the week: City, cricket, crowds, clubs and Colts

  1. There were 92,453 people at the Cricket World Cup final between India and Australia on Sunday. It was a huge crowd but 560 short of the highest attendance in cricket history. Where was that match played?

    1. At the same stadium a week earlier

    2. Melbourne

    3. Pasadena

    4. Wembley

  2. Manchester City face Liverpool in the Premier League on Saturday. City have won all 23 of their home games in 2023. Who were the last club to visit the Etihad and not lose (it was on New Year’s Eve last year)?

    1. Everton

    2. Brentford

    3. Leeds

    4. Leicester

  3. The golfer Joost Luiten did not have the best time at the time at the DP World Tour event in Dubai. He lost three clubs at one hole. How?

    1. He smashed them over his knee after missing an easy putt

    2. He gave them away to a member of the crowd, saying: “You would do better”

    3. He threw them into a lake after losing his ball in the water

    4. He threw a club in the air in frustration and it got stuck in a tree – he then lost two more clubs in the branches as he tried to dislodge the first

  4. France played two Euro 2024 qualifiers in the international break, scoring 16 goals and conceding two. What were the results in the two matches?

    1. 9-1 and 7-1

    2. 14-0 and 2-2

    3. 10-0 and 6-2

    4. 8-1 and 6-1

  5. Who were the only team to win all of their qualifying matches for Euro 2024?

    1. Romania

    2. England

    3. Portugal

    4. Spain

  6. Serbia have qualified for the Euros for the first time as an independent nation. They played in the first Euros in 1960 as part of Yugoslavia. Who beat them in the final?

    1. East Germany

    2. Soviet Union

    3. Czechoslovakia

    4. Hungary

  7. Everton’s target this season will be to avoid relegation after their 10-point deduction. Which club won the title despite a points deduction?

    1. Manchester United

    2. Liverpool

    3. Sunderland

    4. Arsenal

  8. Novak Djokovic is celebrating his 400th week as world No 1 – an unparalleled achievement in tennis. Which player comes closest, having spent 377 weeks at No 1?

    1. Roger Federer

    2. Serena Williams

    3. Steffi Graf

    4. Martina Navratilova

  9. Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, was arrested nine years ago for drunk driving. When asked about the incident this week, he suggested he was picked on by the police. What did he say?

    1. “The Colts had lost five in a row, the cops were fans and wanted someone to blame”

    2. “I am prejudiced against because I’m a rich, white billionaire”

    3. “They were Patriots fans – of course they booked me”

    4. “If my car wasn’t so damn beautiful, they would haven’t stopped me for a look”

  10. Phil Taylor is retiring from darts next year. He will do so as the greatest player of all time, having won 16 World Championships. What job did Taylor do before he became a professional darts player?

    1. He owned a cinema

    2. He worked in a factory making ceramics

    3. He was a baker

    4. He was a snooker player

  11. England were knocked out of the Under-17s World Cup this week by Uzbekistan. The Uzbekistan manager was sent off in the 10th minute of injury time at the end of the match. What had he done?

    1. He ran up to the England manager and celebrated with a very rude gesture

    2. The ball went out of play and he booted it into the stands to stop England taking a quick throw-in

    3. He ran on to the pitch and tackled an England player who was through on goal

    4. He took a giant Uzbekistan flag, walked on to the pitch and planted it in the centre-circle

  12. Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron are having a rematch in Dublin on Saturday night. What happened in their first fight six months ago?

    1. It was a draw

    2. Cameron won on points

    3. It was a no contest

    4. Taylor won by knockout

  13. Antoine Dupont, the captain of the France rugby union team, will miss out on the Six Nations next year. Why?

    1. He is taking a sabbatical from rugby to “recharge and fall in love with the game again”

    2. He has signed for the rugby league team Melbourne Storm

    3. He is concentrating on rugby sevens, so he can play for France at the Olympics in Paris

  14. Magic Weekend, the showpiece of the Super League season, has been held at St James Park in Newcastle for the last three years. Where will it take place next year?

    1. Old Trafford

    2. Elland Road

    3. Anfield

    4. King Abdullah Stadium

  15. The Formula One season draws to a close this weekend in Abu Dhabi, the 22nd grand prix of the year. How many drivers have won a race this season?

    1. One

    2. Three

    3. Five

    4. Seven


1:B - There were 93,013 fans at the MCG for the World Cup final in 2015. Australia won that match too. Funnily enough, the biggest ever crowd at the MCG was not for a cricket match but for a rally by the preacher Billy Graham., 2:A - Liverpool lost 4-1 at the Etihad last season., 3:D - He finished third from bottom in the tournament. , 4:B - They beat Gibraltar 14-0 and then drew 2-2 with Greece. Nine France players scored in their match against Gibraltar., 5:C - Roberto Martínez’s team scored 36 goals and conceded just two as they won all 10 of their group matches., 6:B - The finals tournament consisted of just four teams: Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and hosts France., 7:D - Arsenal were docked two points in the 1990-91 season after they were involved in a 21-man brawl in a match against Manchester United, yet they went on to win the league by seven points., 8:C - “It’s a pretty good achievement, 400 weeks at No 1,” said Djokovic. It’s never been done in history. Someone will eventually break it, but hopefully it stays there for a long time.”, 9:B - “If I’m just the average guy down the block, they’re not pulling me in, of course not,” he added. “I don’t care what it sounds like. It’s the truth.”, 10:B - Taylor grew up in Stoke-on-Trent, in the Potteries. , 11:B - Uzbekistan, who are ranked 73rd in the world, won the game 2-1 to set up a quarter-final against France., 12:B - Taylor is determined to avenge her defeat on Saturday. “Resurrection is in my DNA,” she says., 13:C - Dupont says the “mythical” appeal of the Olympics persuaded him to sacrifice playing in the Six Nations. , 14:B - All 12 clubs will be in action, with Leeds Rhinos facing Warrington on the Saturday night. , 15:B - Max Verstappen has won 18, Sergio Pérez has won two and Carlos Sainz has won one.


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  5. 5 and above.

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