Sports quiz of the week: Leicester's run, rugby records and Cheltenham races

Paul Campbell
The Guardian
<span class="element-image__caption">Leicester City are the only English club in the Champions League quarter-finals.</span> <span class="element-image__credit">Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images</span>
Leicester City are the only English club in the Champions League quarter-finals. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images
  • Leicester City are the eighth Premier League club to reach the Champions League quarter-finals. The other seven are: Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and …

    1. Newcastle United

    2. Blackburn Rovers

    3. Leeds United

    4. Everton

    5. Leicester’s victory means Kasper Schmeichel is on course to emulate his father’s achievement of lifting the European Cup. Which of these father-and-son pairs contains two European Cup winners?

      1. Johan Alonso and Jordi Alonso

      2. Miguel Ángel Alonso and Xabi Alonso

      3. Carles Busquets and Sergio Busquets

      4. Miguel Reina and Pepe Reina

      5. England will overtake the All Blacks’ record of 18 straight victories if they beat Ireland in the Six Nations on Saturday. Which international rugby team won 24 matches in a row between 2008 and 2014?

        1. Georgia

        2. Argentina

        3. Cyprus

        4. Israel

        5. Wes Morgan became the first Jamaica international to score in the Champions League on Tuesday night. What "transfer fee" did Nottingham Forest give non-league side Dunkirk when they signed Morgan on his first professional contract?

          1. A crate of beer

          2. Two Forest shirts

          3. Nine footballs

          4. A signed copy of Brian Clough's autobiography

          5. According to José Mourinho, which biblical character is "still No1"?

            1. Jesus

            2. Adam

            3. Baalzebub

            4. Judas

            5. Which of these is not a race at the Cheltenham Festival?

              1. Cheltenham Gold Cup

              2. Foxhunter Chase

              3. Stayers' Hurdle

              4. Best in Show

              5. Which Premier League club's stadium is closest to Cheltenham Racecourse?

                1. Watford

                2. Southampton

                3. West Bromwich Albion

                4. Swansea City

                5. Only one manager has led a team to the Champions League quarter-finals for the last four seasons. Who?

                  1. Carlo Ancelotti

                  2. Diego Simeone

                  3. Thomas Tuchel

                  4. Luis Enrique

                  5. Michael Essien has signed a one-year-contract with Persib Bandung, a club from which country?

                    1. China

                    2. India

                    3. Indonesia

                    4. Thailand

                    5. Why did Floyd Mayweather keep fans waiting for two hours in London this week?

                      1. He was on the phone to Donald Trump

                      2. He was having a nap

                      3. He was sparring with Anthony Joshua

                      4. He wanted to take the Tube but there was a strike

                      5. How many of the eight remaining clubs in the Champions League have been managed by Claudio Ranieri?

                        1. Two

                        2. Three

                        3. Four

                        4. Five


                        1:C - Leeds made it to the semi-finals in 2001., 2:C - Goalkeeper Carles won it with Barcelona in 1992 and Sergio has won it three times., 3:C - The run began with a win against Azerbaijan and ended after a defeat to Latvia., 4:B - Dunkirk FC manager Dave Harbottle recalled: "There was no transfer fee but we managed to get a couple of Forest kits off Charlie McParland, who was coaching there at the time. That was more than enough. He still comes down and there’s a Leicester and Forest shirt of his on the wall in our clubhouse. " , 5:D - Mourinho was referring to himself, in the sarcastic voice he seems to affect for all of his public pronouncements these days., 6:D - The Best in Show award is given out at Crufts, 7:C - Of course, locals could always watch Cheltenham Town, who are hosting Cambridge United this weekend in League Two., 8:B - Atlético Madrid have reached the final twice in the last four years but they lost both of them to Real Madrid., 9:C - Essien won the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup while at Chelsea., 10:B - In fairness to Mayweather, he is in his forties now., 11:C - Leicester City, Atlético Madrid, Juventus and Monaco.


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