Sports quiz of the week: Sergio García, Tony Adams and a floating football

Paul Campbell
The Guardian
<span class="element-image__caption">Sergio García experiences the joy and relief of winning a major.</span> <span class="element-image__credit">Photograph: Harry How/Getty Images</span>
Sergio García experiences the joy and relief of winning a major. Photograph: Harry How/Getty Images
  • Sergio García won his first major at Augusta on Sunday night. How many times has he finished second in a major?

    1. One

    2. Two

    3. Four

    4. Six

    5. Which F1 driver crashed his car twice in two days at the Chinese Grand Prix?

      1. Fernando Alonso

      2. Antonio Giovinazzi

      3. Lewis Hamilton

      4. Valtteri Bottas

      5. Why might Conor McGregor face legal action over a picture he posted online this week?

        1. He called Donald Trump “over-rated” and the president is threatening libel action

        2. He was standing on top of a Rolls Royce and the rental company who own the car are not happy about how he treated it

        3. He photoshopped a picture to show Floyd Mayweather “losing” a fight and the boxer has taken issue with the suggestion he has been defeated

        4. He was holding wads of Monopoly money and they have complained about an infringement of their trademark

        5. Who said: “Obviously I would never have come here if it wasn’t for all that money”?

          1. Paul Pogba

          2. Maria Sharapova

          3. Graziano Pellè

          4. Fernando Alonso

          5. A ball that was kicked over a fence in Aberdeen by a Banks o’ Dee U19s player turned up a long way from home this week. Where was it found?

            1. Edinburgh

            2. Newcastle

            3. New York

            4. Norway

            5. Which two county cricket teams finished the first week of the season on minus points?

              1. Kent and Essex

              2. Sussex and Surrey

              3. Nottinghamshire and Lancashire

              4. Durham and Leicestershire

              5. How does new Granada manager Tony Adams plan to improve the team's results?

                1. By "implementing a policy of fluid counter-pressing"

                2. By "teaching them the Arsenal way"

                3. By giving the players "a kick up the arse"

                4. By "using all the wisdom I learned from Arsène Wenger"

                5. Dele Alli, Harry Kane, Michael Keane, Jordan Pickford and Leroy Sané have been nominated for the PFA young player of the year award. Which club has provided four of the last five winners?

                  1. Chelsea

                  2. Tottenham Hotspur

                  3. Arsenal

                  4. Manchester United

                  5. What does Sonny Bill Williams no longer have to wear while playing rugby for the Auckland Blues?

                    1. A captain's armband

                    2. Protective headgear

                    3. Long socks

                    4. Clothing that markets banks, alcohol and gambling companies

                    5. Who said: "It was his body with my brain"?

                      1. Pep Guardiola

                      2. José Mourinho

                      3. Antonio Conte

                      4. Jürgen Klopp


                      1:C - García has been runner-up twice at the Open and twice at the US PGA Championship. He finally won his first major in his 74th attempt., 2:B - "It was not my weekend," said Giovinazzi after the race., 3:B - The company said: "He is stood on the car acting like it is his own. It is not his own.", 4:C - Pellè reportedly earns £260,000 a week at Shandong Luneng, so you can see his point., 5:D - The ball was lost during a Banks o' Dee U19s game. It went into the River Dee and must have been swept into the North Sea before drifting towards Norway., 6:D - They both began the season with points deductions., 7:C - "The team needs leadership," said Adams. "And that has to come from the manager.", 8:B - Kyle Walker in 2012, Gareth Bale in 2013, Harry Kane in 2015 and Dele Alli in 2016., 9:D - Williams, a devout Muslim, said: “As I learn more, and develop a deeper understanding of my faith, I am no longer comfortable doing things I used to do.", 10:B - Mourinho was talking, somewhat nonsensically, about Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw.


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