Sports quiz of the week: winners, losers, a lot of babies and a pop star

Paul Campbell
The Guardian
<span class="element-image__caption">Hero of the week, Gianluigi Buffon.</span> <span class="element-image__credit">Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images</span>
Hero of the week, Gianluigi Buffon. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images
  • Gianluigi Buffon made his 1,000th appearance as a professional footballer this week. Which of these trophies has he not won?

    1. Uefa Cup

    2. World Cup

    3. Serie A

    4. Champions League

    5. Coppa Italia

    6. Who said: "It is impossible to please the Greeks and Trojans. Neither did Jesus please everyone"?

      1. Gareth Southgate

      2. David Brailsford

      3. Arsène Wenger

      4. Emanuel Santos, the artist who produced Cristiano Ronaldo's latest statue

      5. The 163rd edition of the Boat Race takes place on Sunday. Which of these one-time rowers did not compete in the event?

        1. Hugh Laurie

        2. Matthew Pinsent

        3. Steve Redgrave

        4. Lord Snowdon

        5. Why did the organisers of the Brighton Half Marathon apologise this week?

          1. It was revealed the course has been 146 metres short for the past three years

          2. Their clock broke midway through the race last weekend and no one was given an official time

          3. The race took place an hour late as they had forgotten to put the clocks forward

          4. It emerged that the winner of the race had been given a lift in an Uber

          5. Which international football team has not lost a World Cup qualifier for the last 24 years?

            1. Italy

            2. Spain

            3. Germany

            4. England

            5. Which international team ended an 11-year, 58-match streak of competitive defeats this week by earning a goalless draw in a World Cup qualifier?

              1. Luxembourg

              2. Andorra

              3. San Marino

              4. Faroe Islands

              5. Which footballer-turned-songwriter released his debut single, Sozinho, this week?

                1. Ashley Cole

                2. Neymar

                3. Ronaldinho

                4. David Luiz

                5. Which country experienced record numbers in their maternity wards this week?

                  1. New Zealand

                  2. Brazil

                  3. Portugal

                  4. Iceland

                  5. Who said: "I’ve played for the best team in England, the best team in Spain and the best team in Germany. I've been very lucky"?

                    1. Mesut Özil

                    2. Nicolas Anelka

                    3. Arjen Robben

                    4. Xabi Alonso

                    5. Jermain Defoe is now the sixth oldest player to have scored for England. Who is the oldest?

                      1. Jack Charlton

                      2. Frank Lampard

                      3. Teddy Sheringham

                      4. Tom Finney

                      5. Stanley Matthews


                      1:D - He has been a beaten finalist twice, in 2003 and 2005, but he hasn't won it. He won the Uefa Cup while playing for Parma., 2:D - He went on: "This is a matter of taste, so it is not as simple as it seems. What matters is the impact that this work generated. There is always the possibility of making a difference, I was prepared for all this.", 3:C - Although his daughter Natalie won the women's race in 2011., 4:A - "We're devastated that this mistake has happened," said the race organisers. "We take full responsibility for this situation and apologise unreservedly to all runners who took part in the affected years.", 5:B - Their last defeat came in March 1993 to a Denmark team that included Peter Schmeichel and Brian Laudrup., 6:B - They also beat San Marino in a friendly last month. These are great times to be Andorran., 7:C - His lyrics are poignant: "Me, now alone. I do not feel weaker or stronger but who knows the fate? Comfort me in this battle. Alone for the first time. Alone, the mind goes beyond the beyond. Alone, but with strength and faith to continue.", 8:D - Nine months after they had their way with England at Euro 2016., 9:D - He added: "I’ve been lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time on a few occasions. I couldn’t have dreamt of having a career as great as this one, I love football and it’s been such a great adventure.", 10:E - Matthews was 41 years and 248 days old when he scored for England against Northern Ireland in 1956.


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