Stacey Dooley leads an online revolt against this common parenting judgement, and here’s how it could help you too

 Stacey Dooley portrait.
Stacey Dooley portrait.

Stacey Dooley has summoned the help of her fans to come up with a solution to this common parenting feeding issue.

While most parents have invested in the best breast pumps, or best baby bottles to help with feeding their baby, it can be quite tricky swapping breastfeeding for the bottle - even if it contains breast milk - as some babies can tell the difference between the natural breast and a bottle.

And Stacey, mum-of-one, to eight-month-old daughter Minnie, who is in a relationship with former Strictly Come Dancing pro Kevin Clifton is at the stage where she needs help.

She has teamed up with Tommee Tippee as part of the 'social feed campaign which encourages parents to share their feeding journeys in order to break away from the feeding stigma.

Stacey has sought the help of her followers for tips on how to get her daughter back feeding from the bottle so she can have a little 'me time' and share the load with her partner Kevin.

Stacey uploaded a video clip and captioned it, "Gaaaaang…keep your fingers crossed for me! We are trying to reintroduce a bottle too (so I can possibly go somewhere solo for longer than three hours). Love reading your stories so do keep me in the loop re your own situation…and any tips…I’m all ears!"

In the clip she explained how her daughter is "all about the boobs" but with baby daddy Kevin now around more since he finished touring, Stacey is hoping they will be able to 'tag-team' a feeding routine. This would enable her to express her breast milk and put it in the bottle she's using.

She explained, "If I just want 20 minutes to half-an-hour to myself, so I've got everything crossed that our daughter continues to entertain both us and this bottle because it is actually, really, really, helping us out. And our schedule is pretty bonkers over the next month."

Stacey has fronted her own documentaries including Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over series.

Following her Instagram post on the bottles she was trying, her followers graciously shared their own stories, tips and well wishes.

Baby breastfeeding
Baby breastfeeding

One fan wrote, "Try a doidy cup! Was life changing for my friend." For anyone not familiar, they are a slanted training cup designed to "teach infants to drink from a rim, NOT a spout or teated bottle. This helps to transition infants to the weaning stage by introducing the concept of independent drinking". And you can find find out more here at Bickiepegs.

Another fan put, "Mam bottles are good, maybe get Kevin to give her a bottle instead of you, she might take to it better. You’ll get there!! Keep doing what you’re doing!" Mam bottles are Anti Colic for an easy switch between breast and bottle thanks to the patented Silk teat which is silky soft and provides a familiar feel for babies. You can buy them online at John Lewis.

And a third fan added, "We tried everything, actually using the silicone nipple shields was a good middle ground because it was something different and introduced her to that kind of feel.
In the end she took her first full bottle at seven months in front of a YouTube video of an aquarium! Distraction is key!! good luck and just keep trying."

Silicone nipple shields are are for use during breastfeeding. They reduce discomfort from sore or cracked nipples. The cutaway profile helps to
maintain skin-to-skin contact with the baby. They are available from various outlets including Boots.

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