Starbucks Officially Drops New Lavender Drinks For Spring 2024

Starbucks spring 2024 lavender drinks
Starbucks spring 2024 lavender drinks - Starbucks

Starbucks is launching its newest lineup of drinks for Spring 2024. The March thaw may not get as much attention at the coffee giant as its Pumpkin-spice-dominated fall releases or its festive holiday lineups, but the early months of the year are not to be overlooked as they have evolved into Starbucks' time to take bigger swings. Early 2021 saw Starbucks debut its pistachio lineup, a resounding success that was brought back for winter this year, and March of last year saw one of Starbucks' biggest gambles with Oleato, its olive-oil-infused coffee. Sure enough, the Spring 2024 lineup is going bold and new with yet another flavor we have never seen on a Starbucks drink menu before: lavender.

Starbucks' foray into floral flavors will launch on Thursday, March 7 with two new drinks, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. The first is an iced lavender cream oat milk matcha, which starts with creamy matcha over oat milk and then gets topped with a lavender cold foam. The second is an iced lavender oat milk latte that uses Starbucks' blonde espresso and creamy oat milk over ice with a subtle lavender flavoring. Starbucks beverage developer Patrick Penny says, "Its soft sweetness, light floral notes, and beautiful color ignite feelings of rejuvenation and awakening associated with the change of seasons."

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Starbucks Spring 2024 Drinks Were Inspired By The Lavender Farms Of Washington State

lavender flowers
lavender flowers - panophotograph/Shutterstock

According to Starbucks, the concept for its first lavender beverages took shape last year when Patrick Penny and the beverage development team took a day trip to Sequim, Washington, close to Starbucks headquarters in Seattle. Lavender has long been a flavor request from Starbucks employees, and after a day spent sniffing and gathering lavender, the team started experimenting with drinks at Starbucks' unique Pike Place store.

The team found that powder was the best way to incorporate the flowery taste of lavender in drinks. Penny says that with the lavender cream matcha, "we wanted to capture the uplifting energy of spring in a cup." Penny added, "The oatmilk and the Blonde Espresso make a lovely pairing, providing a smooth, well-rounded profile that is complemented by the floral and vanilla flavors of lavender."

Along with the new lavender drinks, Starbucks is also launching the newest cups in its artist collaboration series. The lineup is themed around Women's History Month with vivid '90s-inspired designs by artist Shae Anthony. The collection features six different tumblers and cold cups, with three available at Starbucks stores and another three exclusively sold at Target. Anthony says, "It's a joyful collection, I want you to see that color grab you."

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