Starfield console commands and how to use them


You can use Starfield console commands to impact your game in a number of ways. They include making your character immortal, able to carry literally everything on the planet, or simply steal without being noticed, but also things like killing or reviving NPCs, or just giving yourself a load of digipicks.

Using these console commands, or Starfield cheats, will mean that you won't be able to earn any in-game achievements, and of course they do have the capacity to completely break your game. Make sure to save often if you want to experiment so you don't completely mess up your game and have to restart Starfield all over again. Proceed with caution Constellation members!

How to use Starfield Console Commands

To use Starfield console commands on PC, use the  ` or ~ key (region dependent). From there, you can use the console commands below to get your desired effect.

Please remember that these Starfield cheats have the potential to break your game.

NB - Console commands do not work on Xbox. They are PC specific.

Starfield Console Commands

Below you'll find all the Starfield console commands we think you may find useful. However, you can also use help [search term] and replace the search term with whatever you're trying to find.

We will warn you again that some of these console commands or Starfield cheats have the capacity to break your game entirely, so please proceed with caution.

How to find Starfield item codes

The above Starfield console commands are the ones we think you'll find most useful. However, you can also find the item ID codes for any items that you want to spawn.

  1. Open the console commands

  2. Type help followed by the name of the item you want.

  3. For example - help LZR will give you the item code for all laser cartridges.

  4. You can then grab the item code and could then spawn 1000 1.5kB LZR cartridges by using the command player.additem [0000BAE3F] [1000] for example. You just need to replace that first number with the item code you want, and then adjust the number to reflect the correct volume.