Station 19’s Boris Kodjoe Has A Message For The Fans After The Long-Running Show’s Cancellation

 Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan on Station 19.
Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan on Station 19.

Station 19 is already an emotional and intense experience for its viewers every Thursday night, and those feelings have only increased since Season 7 began. It was announced ahead of this season that the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff would come to an end following the current 10-episode run, which came as sad news to the series’ fans, cast and crew. In light of the news, Boris Kodjoe (aka Robert Sullivan) shared his feelings on the cancellation, as well as gratitude for the passionate fanbase.

Of all the 2024 TV cancellations, Station 19’s has been particularly devastating for those who have been with the firefighters since their 2018 inception. Despite the disappointment — and the sad way the cast learned the bad news — the actors still seemed to be in good spirits when they returned to the set, and Boris Kodjoe confirmed that his emotions are all over the place. He explained to ET:

My emotions are a mixture of, you know, sadness and joy and pride and excitement. A big chapter in my life [is] coming to an end and it's really sad because of the relationships that you form. This is really all about relationships. What we do, we get to play make-believe on a daily basis with people we love and respect. This is truly one of the best experiences I've ever had. I love everybody on the crew and the cast, the writers, the producers, and we've really grown to be a family.

Just like the members of the firehouse serve as each other’s found family, it sounds like the Station 19 cast is a pretty tight-knit group. But in addition to those who Boris Kodjoe has worked alongside for the past six years, the actor also made sure to shout-out the fans, many of whom signed a petition to save Station 19. Kodjoe continued:

I just have to say, I love our fans. You have been the backbone of this show, giving us support and love throughout the years and we don't take that for granted at all. We are here because of you guys. And all the campaigning and the protesting and sending letters, we really appreciate that.

The petition continues to rack up signatures, standing at more than 83,000 as of this writing. And as much as that is appreciated, showrunners Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige emphasized to fans that “They gotta watch,” because without ratings, the billboards, petitions and advertisements aren’t going to do it.

Hopefully people are tuning in, because things are happening quickly on Station 19’s final season. We already know the fate of Jack Gibson (Grey Damon), as the season premiere dealt him some devastating news. Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre) and Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato) have already adopted a baby, as talks continue about trying IVF.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy might already be making moves to scoop up a couple of Station 19’s actors, as Jason George has already made a crossover appearance as Ben Warren, and Stefania Spampinato will guest star at some point, according to Grey’s showrunner Meg Marinis. Tune in to see how it all goes down, as Station 19 airs at 10 p.m. ET Thursdays on ABC following Grey’s Anatomy and can be streamed the next day with a Hulu subscription.