Steve Clarke Scotland frustrations boil over as boss unleashes on ref after Euro 2024 exit

Steve Clarke has annihilated the referee from this evening's Scotland defeat to Hungary after he refused a "100 percent penalty".

The head coach was furious after Stuart Armstrong was brought down by Willi Orbán only for both ref Facundo Tello of Argentina and his VAR assistants to dismiss the calls for what looked like a stonewall spot-kick. Clarke was livid at full-time when he spoke to BBC Sportsound's Eilidh Barbour as he took a bizarre swipe at the decision for the Euros to bring in a non-European whistler.

He also snapped at the idea that the penalty was not given and demanded an explanation as to how VAR did not spot the infringement on second viewing.

"The goal comes as a consequence of us trying to win the game so the goal for me is almost irrelevant," he said, when asked about the goal being the deciding moment in the fixture. "The moment in the game is the penalty. It's 100 percent a penalty. Someone has to explain to me why that's not a penalty. Otherwise I'm thinking there's something wrong.

"Have I had a talk with the referee? What's the point, he's from Argentina, what's the point? Why is it not a European referee? Trying to be clever... I don't know, I don't understand. I don't understand why he's here and not in his own country, refereeing the game. I don't understand how VAR can look at that and say it's not a penalty. Just my opinion."

Scots were not near their best and Clarke admits both he and the players, like the Tartan Army, are hurting.

"The first thing to say is I hope the lad who was injured (Barnabas Varga) is okay. It looked pretty bad. But it was a one-goal game, we didn't manage to get the goal, we opened up at the end to try and get it but the overriding feeling at the end is just to be sad for everybody, the supporters, country, and the players are just as sad as everyone else."