Steve Harvey baffled by 'Bachelor' contestant’s answer on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

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It was former Bachelor contestants versus former Bachelorette contestants on Celebrity Family Feud Sunday night. While there were, obviously, going to be some ridiculous answers, Steve Harvey was baffled by one answer in particular.

Steve went up to Jubilee Sharpe, the war veteran from Ben Higgins’s season, and asked her to “Name something that might crawl into your sleeping bag when you’re camping.” Jubilee responded, “A tree branch.” Steve was clearly confused by the answer and asked her, “You mean, like, one that’s falling?” Jubilee told him no, and said she meant a branch or a twig on the ground.

Steve Acts It Out

Steve then did a demonstration, using one of the roses in front of the contestants. Steve threw the rose on the floor and asked Jubilee, “I’m in the sleeping bag, and I can’t go to sleep ’cause I’m worried to death that that is gonna crawl his ass in my sleeping bag?” While everyone was cracking up, Steve then helped the rose “crawl” across the floor toward the embarrassed Jubilee. When Steve put the rose back in front of her, it knocked the rose next to her down, and Steve yelled, “Hey, that one crawled off!”

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