Stewart Robertson details Rangers' stance on new SPFL TV deal

Stewart Robertson details Rangers' stance on new SPFL TV deal
Stewart Robertson details Rangers' stance on new SPFL TV deal

RANGERS chief executive Stewart Robertson has lifted the lid on the club's stance over the new proposed SPFL TV deal.

Sky Sports have a new £30million package waiting on the table for Premiership clubs to secure the rights to showcase extra games in the top flight.

All clubs had to vote on the matter last month, with Rangers the only club not to vote it through.

A new SPFL resolution is believed to be underway in a bid to force the deal through with the approval of only 11 of the 12 top flight sides.

And while Robertson understands why the majority want the secure income, the Gers chief has highlighted that the SPFL have not fully explored all avenues when it comes to selling its TV rights.

He told Rangers Review: "The one that really stuck with me was Malmo.

“Their TV deal was more than double the Scottish TV deal. You sit with Ajax and Napoli and they are all receiving far more from their TV and sponsorship deals and their league commercial deals as a whole.

“It put Scottish clubs at a disadvantage when you are playing other European clubs because you know they are all taking bigger sums out of their leagues and TV deals than we can.

"To highlight the extent of the challenge facing us soon, Liverpool received £151m from the Premier League last season for finishing second and we received £2.7m from the SPFL for finishing second.

“I don't think we sell it. We just go along and nudge it up a little bit. This is no criticism of Sky who are a good partner for Scottish football.

“We didn't market-test this deal. We have no idea what else is available in the market so we don't know whether it's the best deal or not. There's an advisor the SPFL have used and he's telling us all the reasons why he thinks it's a good deal.

“We have contacts with other organisations. James Bisgrove worked with a company who are negotiating the deals for the Champions League and the Europa League for the next cycle. We get market feedback from there that doesn't really hang together with the other stuff we are being told.

“My problem is we haven't gone and sold it. We haven't sold it whatsoever. That's no secret. I've been reasonably vocal about it when I was on the SPFL board. James and I made the point when this new deal was presented to the clubs.

“Without breaching any confidences, I still think we are underselling Scottish football. I get frustrated by it.

"We have to focus on what we are doing at Rangers. It is a small proportion of our revenue so we have to maximise the revenues that come from other areas.”