Still Game star takes naked dip in wrong pool

Still Game star left 'mortified' after naked dip in wrong pool
Still Game star left 'mortified' after naked dip in wrong pool

STILL Game star Jane McCarry says she took a naked dip in the wrong pool while on holiday​.

The actress, who played Isa Drenan, says she accidentally ended up in the pool of a neighbouring villa while on a girls trip to Turkey.

The Sun reports Jane says she didn't want to get her swimming costume wet ahead of her flight home on the last day of her holiday, so decided to jump in the pool "in the scuddy".

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However, after she heard her friend laughing next door, she realised she had been dropped off by the taxi driver at the wrong address after a wander through the town.

She said: "As I’m swimming I heard my pal Wilma laughing.

"I’ve shouted out ‘Wilma?’ And she shouts back ‘where are you?’ I said ‘I’m in the pool’, and she replied ‘No, I’m in the pool’.

"I had gone into the identical villa next door and jumped into their swimming pool in the scud. Can you imagine if they’d been in?

"Fortunately Wilma came to rescue when she ran round with a towel."

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Gavin Mitchell, Paul Riley, Sanjeev Kohli, Jane McCarry and Mark Cox are reuniting to share their memories of the award-winning comedy programme.