How To Store Kewpie Mayo And Maintain Flavor

a ramekin filled with mayonnaise
a ramekin filled with mayonnaise - FotosDo/Shutterstock

Knowing how to store foods correctly, especially condiments like mayonnaise, is an important skill to have when managing a kitchen. Not only does proper storage prevent ingredients from spoiling, but it also ensures that they retain their optimal flavor, texture, and overall quality for as long as possible. Kewpie mayo has become a popular condiment to keep on hand thanks to its many uses in recipes like takoyaki and even potato salad. You may know that there are differences between Kewpie mayo and traditional mayo, though, which might lead you to wonder if you should be storing this unique condiment in any special way. Read on to learn the ideal method for preserving Kewpie mayo and for how long you can expect it to last.

While unopened Kewpie mayonnaise is technically shelf stable, it is best for it to be kept cold at all times to ensure that it is as fresh as possible. Do so by keeping the mayo in your refrigerator, either in the container in which it came or in another airtight container with the lid shut tight. When stored in this way, Kewpie mayo that has not yet been opened will last around one month past the date it is listed to be best by, and open Kewpie mayo will last up to two months after it is opened.

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How To Tell If Kewpie Mayo Has Gone Bad

person holding jar of mayonnaise and spoon
person holding jar of mayonnaise and spoon - Liudmila Chernetska/Getty Images

Even if it is stored correctly, you should always keep an eye on your Kewpie mayo to see if it shows signs of spoilage. This will prevent you from accidentally consuming harmful pathogens like bacteria or mold. Use your eyes and nose to check for evidence that the mayonnaise has expired. If you see a noticeable change in texture, such as wateriness or clumps, or if the mayonnaise smells sour, then you should consider it to be expired and dispose of it rather than eat it.

If you need your Kewpie mayonnaise to last longer than it is able to in the refrigerator, one option is to freeze it. To do so, move the mayo from its packaging into a sealed, freezer-safe container. You can then leave it in the freezer for up to two months. A word of warning, however; some say that freezing the mayonnaise will significantly change its texture and consistency, so only use this approach as a last resort or in use cases where the texture of the thawed condiment matters less, such as in baking. For example, you can use leftover mayonnaise to create these extra-rich box brownies.

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