Storm Arwen: Guests snowed inside pub hope for rescue after coldest night of season

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Storm Arwen: Guests snowed inside pub hope for rescue after coldest night of season

Guests stuck inside a Yorkshire pub for three nights were hoping to finally leave on Monday as staff told how an Oasis tribute band had kept everyone entertained over the weekend.

Around 60 guests became stranded in Britain’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales, on Friday and were on Monday on day four of being stuck.

Member of staff, Anya Harnett, told the Standard that snow ploughs were on the way to rescue the remaining stranded guests, but had difficulty reaching them.


“Both ways, there’s cars stuck there so it can’t get past to the pub, so that’s the struggle we’re having at the moment,” said the 19-year-old.

“It’s not ideal, but we’re trying to stay positive - at least we’re warm, and there’s plenty of food and drink for everybody.”

There was fresh snow last night, she said, and chilly temperatures as low as minus four outside.

Guests at the pub (PA)
Guests at the pub (PA)

The Met Office confirmed that Sunday night was the coldest of the season so far for the UK, with temperatures plunging to -8.7 in Shap, Cumbria.

Guests have taken it in turns to shovel outside, while being kept entertained by Noasis - which describes itself as the nation’s favourite Oasis tribute.

“They borrowed someone’s guitar and they sang us a few songs last night. I don’t even want to go home to be honest, it’s such a family right now, everyone has really come together,” said Ms Harnett.

In London, temperatures reached as low as -3.9 degrees in Kew Gardens on Sunday night - the coldest night of August so far.

A Met Office spokesperson said that temperatures were likely to be milder in London on Monday night, at typically around three or four degrees.

“It’s turning slightly milder from the north-west throughout today, so the south-east will be the last place to see that,” said the spokesperson.

“But overnight and going into Tuesday morning, it will be noticeably warmer, with highs of eleven degrees on Tuesday.”

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