Dashcam footage shows father and son nearly being swept away by waves

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Shocking dashcam footage captured the terrifying moment a father and son were nearly swept away by powerful waves while driving along the Cumbrian coast.

Guy Broster, 46, and son Luke, 19, were lucky to escape after being caught in the storm while driving to a rugby match.

Their Vauxhall Meriva was plunged into a huge puddle, and dashcam footage shows water slamming into the side of the car.

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Mr Broster, from Maryport, then hit reverse and "got the hell out of there" before his car was damaged for good.

Footage shows the waves breaking over the road (SWNS)
Footage shows the waves breaking over the road (SWNS)

He said: "In retrospect, it was a foolish thing to do as the power of the waves could easily have swept us out to sea.

"I regretted my decision early on but I carried on, assuming it would be OK – until I spied ahead that water was rushing over the sea defences.


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"The car started making noises suggesting that the water was getting too deep.

“So I hit reverse and got the hell out of Dodge.”

Luke and his father Guy Broster were nearly swept away (SWNS)
Luke and his father Guy Broster were nearly swept away (SWNS)

"And those waves also regularly throw up driftwood and rocks.

"But at the time I genuinely didn't think about it - I was concentrating on getting my son to his rugby match on time!"

The incident was filmed near the coastal village of Allonby at 12.45pm on Saturday when Guy was driving from Maryport to Silloth for a rugby game.

Guy added he'd assumed "driving through the waves would be like driving through the spray of a passing truck".

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