'Strong and beautiful' mum, 24, told she has incurable cervical cancer

Ksenija Galetic and her baby Jacob <i>(Image: Supplied)</i>
Ksenija Galetic and her baby Jacob (Image: Supplied)

A 24-YEAR-old mum has received the devastating news that she has incurable stage 4 cervical cancer.

In May of this year, Ksenija Galetic, from Warrington, stopped breastfeeding after giving birth to her son Jacob in October 2022.

From here, she experienced more than 80 days of constant bleeding. But despite a number of visits to her GP, nothing was found.

In late July, Ksenija, who is described as strong, beautiful, and family-oriented, began experiencing excruciating pain which was so bad that she ended up in A&E.

She was taken for an MRI scan which revealed a 7cm tumour on her cervix which came as a huge shock to Ksenija, who is a warehouse worker, and her family.

Warrington Guardian: Phil, Ksenija, and Jacob
Warrington Guardian: Phil, Ksenija, and Jacob

A treatment plan was put in place to start on September 4. This consisted of 25 radiotherapy seasons and five chemotherapy sessions in just a period of five weeks.

But one week into treatment and while attending a chemotherapy session, Ksenija became unwell.

She underwent a scan and a blood test and was told even more devastating news – this time that the cancer had spread and that it was no longer curable.

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian, her sister-in-law Katie Nichols said: “She was the most optimistic person when she started her treatment.

“We have a picture of her and she is having her chemotherapy and she is smiling, she is excited, and she is optimistic because she is going to beat this.

“But a week later it was just all shattered.”

Ksenija is currently staying at Clatterbridge Hospital where she is being given a higher intensity treatment plan that can prolong her life rather than cure the cancer.

Her partner Phil Nichols said: “Ultimately at the age of 24, she has been told she has stage 4 cervical cancer.

Warrington Guardian: Phil, Ksenija, and Jacob
Warrington Guardian: Phil, Ksenija, and Jacob

“As a family, we are all devastated, our worlds have been shattered.

“We have an 11-month-old little boy who hasn’t got a clue what is happening to his mummy.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family and enable them to make memories.

Phil added: “All we now want as a family is to make some amazing memories together whilst we still can.

“And also just to not have the everyday worries of life, even for just a short while.”

You can donate to the page here.

Ksenija and her family are now also aiming to raise awareness of not only the symptoms of cervical cancer, but how the age for a smear test should be lowered from 25.

Ksenija had not been invited for hers as she is just 24.

Katie said: “I understand the reasons for it to be 25 but for Ksenjia, she is 24 with an 11-month-old baby and it is too late.

“They found it too late to help her.

“It needs to be lowered so other women have a chance to survive this horrible, horrible disease.”

Warrington Guardian: Phil, Ksenija, and Jacob
Warrington Guardian: Phil, Ksenija, and Jacob