Students at medical schools in occupied territories being extorted to help wounded Russian soldiers

Hospitals with injured occupants
Hospitals with injured occupants

Russian occupation forces force students of medical schools on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to help wounded Russian soldiers, the National Resistance Center (NRC) reported on Nov. 24.

Senior “students” are enlisted to serve the Russians during their internship. It is impossible to give up this practice because in this case; the occupiers threaten expulsion for non-compliance.

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Before the internship, Russians instruct the young medics, while specialists from the FSB conduct “conversations” with the trainees. Students face threats of information disclosure and warned about making comments considered “extremist”.

Russian administrations in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine received instructions from Moscow to involve more children in programs aimed at altering self-identification, the NRC reported earlier. Specifically, they were tasked with engaging 70% of Ukrainian schoolchildren in Russian student Olympiads and exchange programs.

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Occupation administrations are trying to reduce the number of schoolchildren who study in Ukrainian, NRC reported on Nov. 22.

Russian invasion forces have brought 34,000 textbooks to schools in the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine’s Kherson Oblast, as reported on Nov. 19.

Russians are actively seeking students collaborating with the Ukrainian Armed Forces in occupied Kherson Oblast, as reported on Nov. 16.

Russians destroyed almost all Ukrainian literature in the occupied territories of Donbas, the NRC reported on Nov. 14.

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