Stylists reveal 12 items you should get rid of from your summer wardrobe

red x over woman wearing blue summer dress and red x over man wearing flip flops
Some previously trendy pieces might fade popularity this summer.Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock; MFAHEEM FAHEEM/Shutterstock
  • Insider asked three stylists to share which items they'd get rid of from their summer wardrobes.

  • Sandals and flip-flops are being replaced by clogs and espadrilles.

  • The stylists also recommended swapping out dark-wash denim for elevated lighter styles.

Neon clothing is being replaced by elegant, rich shades.

red x over a person wearing a monochrome neon green outfit and a black cap
Neon colors had their moment the last few summers.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

The trends this summer are leaning into quiet luxury and elegance, according to Rachel Varney, personal stylist, shopper, and founder of Styled by Rachel. That means it's time to leave the highlighter-neon T-shirts behind.

As a replacement, the stylist recommended going for brighter and richer colors and steering clear of oversaturated hues.

Fussy silhouettes are out and sleek dresses are in this summer.

red x next to a woman wearing a blue strapless ruffly summer dress and carrying a rattan bag
Ruffles and busy necklines aren't big for dresses right now.Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock

According to fashion stylist and creative consultant Carly Landig, you can push your patterned, baby-doll, and peasant dresses aside this summer.

Instead, she recommended opting for a sleek silhouette — think classic, effortless, and chic French-girl style.

"Slinky silks or ribbed knits give textural interest to a simple look and transition well from day to night," the stylist told Insider. "It's a one-and-done look."

Lighter colors win over dark-wash denim this season.

red x next to person wearing dark-wash jeans on a street
Light jeans are great for warmer weather.Philip Majevsky/Shutterstock

White jeans and trousers are giving dark denim a run for their money this season, according to Landig.

"Its lighter hue, in ecru, ivory, or cream, will instantly refresh your warm-weather closet and deliver an updated feel to a tried-and-true outfit," she told Insider.

The stylist recommended choosing relaxed silhouettes in a wide or straight-leg cut and pairing them with a monochrome color palette to elevate the look further.

Try a braided belt instead of a plain leather one.

red x and arrow pointing at brown leather belt over a blue sweater dress
You can add some visual aesthetics to an outfit with an interesting belt.Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock

Put your plain leather belts in the back of your closet for now, according to Patrick Kenger, personal stylist and image consultant of Pivot Image Consulting.

For a summer look, he recommended trying a braided or canvas belt.

"These will feel a bit more relaxed and look great with summer attire, as well as making them look a bit more stylish," Kenger said.

Retro bikinis are being replaced by '90s one-pieces.

red x next to a woman wearing a pink high waisted bikini at the beach
High-waisted bikinis were popular for a while.Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

"The tide is coming in with the one-piece, and I am here for it," Landig told Insider.

After years of bikini trends, a '90s-inspired one-piece feels new and fresh — especially if you're looking to say more with your fashion choices without wearing less.

"The key to this suit feeling 'now' is a high cut on the hips to elongate the legs and a simple silhouette," she told Insider. "Think barely there."

Swap your sandals for a clog.

red x and arrow pointing at woman sitting on a bench wearing brown sandals
Sandals aren't always the most convenient summer shoe.Aleksei Isachenko/Shutterstock

Some days, a pedicure just isn't in the cards. This summer, Landig said, reach for a clog for an elevated warm-weather shoe.

"There is something about a clog that says 'I know exactly what I am doing without even a hint of effort,'" she told Insider. "A shoe that is equal parts fashion, comfort, and orthotic support.

Consider replacing your leggings with cargo pants.

red x over woman wearing black leggings and a jean jacket
Leggings can look a little dated.Lars Anders/Shutterstock

This summer, swap out your leggings for oversized cargos.

Whether it be the influence of nostalgic dressing or the refusal to return to wearing "hard pants," cargo pants are back with some legitimate staying power, according to Landig.

"They can easily be dressed up with mules and a racer tank, or dressed down with a blazer and sneakers," the stylist told Insider.

Retire over-the-top tank tops and replace them with chic styles.

red x over woman wearing.a chevron tank top and matching skirt on a street
Loud patterns aren't as in this upcoming season.Cosmin Coita/Shutterstock

"A chic, minimalist tank is the top du jour this season," Landig told Insider. "Its fitted, yet comfortable silhouette is the perfect topper to the voluminous bottoms that are trending hard."

This type of tank also layers perfectly under a blazer or button-up and stands strong alone with its flattering neckline.

"I also love a great chunky chain to finish the look," the stylist said. "It's the shoulder bone's time to shine."

People can replace flip-flops with espadrilles.

red x over man wearing brown flip flops and cream pants
Flip-flop styles for men can look tired.MFAHEEM FAHEEM/Shutterstock

When it comes to summer shoes, Kenger said to stay away from flip-flops. Instead, the stylist recommended replacing them with espadrilles, a casual canvas slipper with a fiber sole.

"Flip-flops almost never look stylish, so espadrilles provide a great summer alternative," he told Insider.

Skintight skinny jeans aren't the look this summer.

red x and arrow over person walking down steps wearing skinny jeans and white and gold sneakers
Looser pants have become more popular.Cozy Home/Shutterstock

"You might not be a shorts guy this summer, but definitely avoid being a skin-tight jeans guy," Varney told Insider.

They're uncomfortable to wear when it's hot and constricting skinny jeans are just outdated, the stylist said. Try slim-fit denim to get the look you like without the constraint.

Choose silver over gold for a more modern look.

red x and arrows pointing at woman's gold necklaces and rings
Gold jewelry isn't trending right now.Thedugme/Shutterstock

"As I build my looks each morning, I find myself gravitating toward silver," Landig told Insider. "It feels modern, clean, and now — in a way my gold jewelry just isn't."

Gold isn't going anywhere, but the stylist said to take it as a sign to invest in your silver capsule collection. She recommended getting a great set of hoop earrings, a ring, and a chain necklace.

Replace your black sunglasses with colorful shades.

red x and arrow pointing at person wearing black sunglasses
You can add color and flair to outfits with sunglasses.Dani Zapata/Shutterstock

Put away your blackout sunglasses, Landig said, and replace them with fun, colorful lenses.

A fresh pair of shades can add a pop of color to your look.

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