Suicide attempt ref: 'I’m glad I survived'

Bundesliga referee Babak Rafati, who attempted suicide last November, has explained what drove him to his act, admitting he is happy he failed to take his own life.


The 41-year-old was found by his assistants, close to death with slashed wrists in the bathtub of his hotel room two hours before Cologne’s home match with Mainz.

He was treated for depression in hospital for several weeks afterwards, and has been out of the public eye for the past five months.

But, in a frank interview published by German tabloid Bild, Rafati spoke about his problems and recovery.

"I’m healthy again," he said. "I was in what seemed like a hopeless situation.

"I was very lucky that I got help in time. I’m glad I survived."

Rafati revealed that, before thinking about a return to refereeing, he has got his personal life in order.

"I am getting married (to long-term partner Rudabeh).

"We went on a three-week holiday after I came out of hospital, it was good to get away."

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