Suits’ Spinoff Is Still In The Works Following Netflix Success, And There’s A Pleasantly Surprising Update On Its Progress

 Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in Suits.
Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in Suits.

Suits aired on the USA Network for nine seasons from 2011 to 2019, but 2023 saw the show achieve more success than it did during its original run thanks to millions of Netflix subscribers checking out its first eight seasons. Between that and the entirety of the show being available to watch with a Peacock subscription, Suits has become quite the streaming hit, and last October, it was reported that showrunner Aaron Korsh was developing a new show set in the Suits universe. That spinoff is still in the works, and Korsh has not shared a pleasantly surprising update on how the project’s progressing.

Korsh stopped by the Hollywood & Levine podcast to talk about his work on Suits, and at the end of the two-part interview, he was asked what platform the Suits spinoff will air on. He answered:

Well, it's a pilot, so it's not picked up to series yet, but NBC… Yeah, I’m excited about it. But we got to make this pilot. We really just, I mean, literally, just before this podcast, we had our, sort of, first meeting, post-the deal closing.

It was nice for Aaron Korsh to clarify that it’s not guaranteed that the Suits spinoff isn’t guaranteed to become a series just yet, which is oftentimes how it goes for small screen projects like this. The pilot is made first, and then the channel/platform decides whether it wants to make a show from that first episode or just shelve it. Granted, there are also plenty of instances where a project is ordered straight to series, but I digress.

What’s more important here is Korsh saying that the Suits spinoff is being set up at NBC, which I’m surprised to hear, but in a positive way. I’d assumed that if the spinoff was ordered to series, it would either air on USA, just like its predecessor (especially considering USA may be returning to scripted shows), or it would be set up at a streaming platform. One wouldn’t be faulted for thinking Netflix would be the likeliest candidate if the latter was selected, but considering Suits is owned by NBCUniversal, Peacock would be the more logical streaming choice.

Instead, NBC snatched it up, which is great news. Even in this era where shows on streaming and premium cable are more popular than ever, NBC and the other major broadcast networks still gather a lot of viewers with their shows, albeit not nearly as many from just a few decades ago. Still, if NBC orders the Suits spinoff to series, and taking into account all the success Suits has experienced over the last year, there’s a good chance the network will be able to get plenty of eyeballs on it. Plus, you can count on the episodes being uploaded to Peacock immediately after they air, so the streaming component is still there.

When we’ll learn if NBC picks up the Suits spinoff remains to be seen since the pilot hasn’t been shot yet. All we know about this project so far is that while it will also, as Aaron Korsh described, have “the same energy and good looking people” like the original Suits, it will be set in Los Angeles rather than New York. Beyond that, no character details have surfaced, and it’s also unclear if any Suits characters will appear.

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