‘Suits’ Stars Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht Share Advice for Spinoff Cast on Set of Super Bowl Commercial

Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht are suiting back up for the Super Bowl. The stars of the legal drama Suits are among the talent featured in T-Mobile’s 2024 big game commercial, along with Laura Dern, Common, Jennifer Hudson and Bradley Cooper.

Last year, Cooper and his mother starred in a well-received Super Bowl ad for the brand.

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“So this year, there’s a number of us that are attempting to audition to maybe take over and be the new face, body, soul of T-Mobile,” Adams said of the commercial concept.

The ad finds Adams and Macht in an unassuming garage as they film an audition tape sharing the perks of T-Mobile’s new customer appreciation program, Magenta Status, which offers users special deals and experiences at brands like Hilton, Hertz/Dollar and Live Nation.

While the pair’s portion of the commercial created and produced by Panay Films sees Macht take on the role of “Phone Boy,” it also features Dern attempting to cry on cue, Hudson showing off her whistling skills and Common acting out a dramatic movie scene. Cooper and his mother also return to secure their “Magenta Status” in the spot directed by the production company’s head of creative, Brian Klugman.

The Hollywood Reporter was on set when Adams and Macht filmed their commercial “audition” and spoke to the pair about the massive streaming resurgence of their series that aired on USA Network from 2011 to 2019, whether they’ll appear in the Suits spinoff that recently received a pilot order and more.

Suits broke a major record in 2023 when it racked up 57.7 billion minutes of viewing, making it the most-streamed show over a year in the history of Nielsen’s streaming rankings. It took the title by outperforming The Office’s 57.13 billion minutes of viewing in 2020.

The Office saved people’s lives during COVID, so in a way, we’re probably saving more lives I think if you do the numbers” Adams joked, with Macht adding, “And we’re putting a lot more people in law school.”

“There’s like just a whole new generation of people who are into the show,” Adams also said of the show’s resurgence. “That’s been my experience, like going out into the world and now like 16-year-olds, 17-year-olds, 18-year-olds are liking the show. To see it kind of find like a new generation of viewers is the craziest experience.”

Following the runaway success of the legal drama on streaming platforms like Netflix and Peacock, Suits creator Aaron Korsh started working on a spinoff series, Suits L.A., which received a pilot order from NBC earlier this month.

The series will center on a new character named Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor in New York who has reinvented himself in Los Angeles. While the show is said to follow an entirely new group of lawyers, fans shouldn’t rule out the possible return of Adams and Macht’s respective characters Mike and Harvey entirely.

“I mean I think it’s in a world where some characters could in fact come [back],” Macht said.

“The Suits-iverse as its referred to,” Adams added

The duo clarified that they haven’t been asked to be a part of the spinoff — yet — and shared their advice for the new Suits L.A. cast.

“Wear comfortable shoes,” Adams said.

“If they can get their hands on a digital device where they can take the dialogue and download it to a little chip and stick it in their head, it might be a lot easier for them to say the words every day,” Macht said.

“I had no problem with that, so I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Adams teased, before getting serious. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you’re going to have a ball because Aaron’s a great writer, and they’re good people to make a show with.”

The pair also revealed whether they’ve spoken to Meghan Markle since Suits’ streaming success.

“I have not communicated with her other than seeing her big support for the resurgence, and that has been really nice,” Macht said.

“No, no communication,” Adams said before jokingly pretending he was getting a call, “Oh, hold on. There she is. Oh, got to go.”

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