Summer Universiade - Universiade flame marches through Tatarstan

A host of Tatarstan towns have joined the ranks of places that have hosted the torch relay for the 27th World University Summer Games.

Summer Universiade - Universiade flame marches through Tatarstan

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The Summer Universiade flame (FISU)

Agryz, Mendeleevsk and Yelabuga welcomed the torch on the same day, as 31 torchbearers carried the main symbol of the Universiade through the streets.

Viktoria Kulakova, Russian the 4x100m relay champion was granted the honour to ignite the Universiade city cauldron.

A day later, the torch was then welcomed by citizens of Zainsk and Nizhnekamsk as the relay became a real celebration of sports and the spirit of youth for the residents of these towns.

Then a further four Tatarstan towns were visited: Novosheshminsk, Cheremshan, Aksubaevo and Nurlat.

"Today we held in our hands a symbol of brotherhood and unity of the people of our planet: the flame of the World University Games," said Cheremshan Municipal District Adviser Amir Mugizov.

"I would like to believe that after such a massive celebration, more and more people in Cheremshan will lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. I hope that the Universiade flame has remained in your hearts and that its sparks radiated goodness and joy."

The torch then made its way to Chistopol, Rybnaya Sloboda and Mamadysh.

“Kazan needed to be recognised on the world arena and to give assurances that the capital of our republic is capable of holding such a grand event as the Universiade. The efforts put into the preparations have been tremendous, and for this reason we can state with confidence that Kazan is definitely ready to hold the Universiade,” said Talgat Abdullin, executive director of the State Housing Fund under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

On Russian Youth Day, the torch continued to Naberezhnye Chelny, finishing on the embankment of the Kama River, where the torch arrived on a yacht under scarlet sails.

“Today, our city is celebrating a great event that we have waited for a long time: Naberezhnye Chelny hosts the Universiade torch relay,” said Vasil Shaikhraziev, Mayor of Naberezhnye. “The entire country, with its breath bated, waited for several years for a decision to host the 2013 Universiade.

"Kazan deserved this right, the right to host the Universiade, and we are proud of it! We may say for sure that Kazan is ready to welcome the athletes and guests from all over the planet.”

Kukmor, Bogatye Saby, Baltasi and Arsk will be the next districts to welcome the relay on June 28.

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