Summer Universiade - Universiade torch reaches Peruvian shores

The Universiade Flame continues its worldwide cruise aboard the bark Sedov as it reached the shores of Peru on October 23rd.

Summer Universiade  - Universiade torch reaches Peruvian shores

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Universiade torch reaches Peruvian shores

By the time the ship approached the port of Callao, it had already travelled 15,000 out of planned 45,000 miles - one third of its round-the-world trip.

The Universiade Torch Relay covered the third part of its journey within five months. The ship already visited Europe and Africa, and will bid farewell to South America in a couple of days. The pacific coastal odyssey from Chile to Peru took 9 days and turned out to be the first serious sea trial for navy students who were assigned to the night shift.

Andrey Krainiy, the Head of the Federal Agency of Fishery, invited all Peruvians to visit the Russian bark moored at the port of Callao during the meeting of the Russian-Peruvian Intergovernmental Commission which recently took place in Moscow. "The more Russians and Peruvians get to know each other, the stronger the foundation of our cooperation will be," said Andrey Krainiy. He explained that 4,000 Chileans have already visited the ship at Valparaiso and expressed hope that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Russian Embassy and other responsible departments will invest every effort to ensure that many Peruvians will learn more about Russia after they visit the bark Sedov at the port of Callao. Thanks to exhibitions and other Universiade Torch-related activities held aboard the bark Sedov at ports of call, thousands of people around the world discover the Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade.

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