What is ‘Sunday Reset’ on TikTok?

The Sunday Reset trend on TikTok is practically a movement. It even has an official tagline.

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When you search the hashtag on the app, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has over a whopping 447 million views. It also has a description, unlike other organic hashtags on the platform, “Whether you’re cleaning the house or putting your feet up, it’s time for a #SundayReset.”

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In cultures around the world, especially in the U.S., Sundays are reserved for winding down, prepping for the week, resting up and observing any spiritual practices. On TikTok, people are sharing their #SundayReset routines as inspiration and as ASMR. These relaxing wellness videos make doing your chores look satisfying. But they also turn what’s necessary and tedious into a more unified experience.

TikToker @virgohabits’s popular video included her skin care routine, stretching, changing her bedding, doing dishes and cooking up a lovely breakfast.

The user @annaxoxowilson gave her home a more thorough clean. She opted to vacuum, mop, wipe up surfaces and deep clean her bathroom.

Meanwhile, @vanessafaga used her Sunday to reset the whole month. She journaled, made an iced matcha latte and avocado toast, cleaned her desk, lit some candles and vacuumed.

Stephanie Caraballo’s Sunday Reset was dedicated to some necessary self-care with her boyfriend. They groomed each other’s hair and did some masking, steaming, facials, eyebrow shaping and cuddling.

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