Super Mario Bros. Wonder director says adding Daisy will "resolve fights" between his daughters over who gets to play Peach

 Super Mario Bros. Wonder Daisy
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Daisy

Super Mario Bros. Wonder director Shiro Mouri says the reason for Princess Daisy being in the game is two-fold: people want to play as her and, for his own personal benefit, it'll hopefully stop his two daughters from fighting over who gets to play as Peach.

Talking to Eurogamer, Mouri touched on the addition of Daisy in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, her second appearance as a playable character in a Mario platformer game, the first being the mobile Super Mario Run. According to Mouri, Daisy could go a long way in maintaining the peace in his family.

"This is a personal family anecdote but I have two daughters myself and when they played previous Mario titles, they would always fight over who gets to play Peach," he said. "Including Daisy will help resolve fights within my own household, and also I thought that having Daisy would be something that a lot of Mario fans would be happy with!"

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, like the New Super Mario Bros. series that began with a 2006 Nintendo DS game, supports up to four-player multiplayer, only here you can connect online and run into random players in 'shadow' form - yes, a little bit like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. From there you can help them out to earn Heart Points, a counter that shows up to those who come across your own shadow form online.

We were lucky enough to spend hands-on time with the game for our Super Mario Bros. Wonder preview and we still can't stop smiling.