Superbikes - Cadwell BSB: Francis steals tight Motostar victory

WD40 rider Joe Francis won the Monster Energy British Motostar race by only two hundredths of a second from RS Racing’s Andy Reid, which was neck and neck till the bitter end.

Superbikes - Cadwell BSB: Francis steals tight Motostar victory

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Cadwell BSB: Francis steals tight Motostar victory

Reid led from the opening lap with fifteen year old Francis in tow, followed by Banks Racing’s Edward Rendell and Redline KTM’s Tarran Mackenzie. But on lap three Francis ventured on ahead dragging Reid with him and soon the two tall lads were out on their own leaving the other rider’s battling between themselves in the distance.

On lap four Reid made a move at Park Corner to take the lead, but only three laps later Francis made a passing move on the same corner to go into first. Then moments later Reid went into the lead at Hall Bend. The two Honda’s kept overtaking each other until the chequered flag came out. At one point the two bikes were side by side with the two riders bashing into each other out on the Lincolnshire track.

On the twelfth lap the two bikes crossed the line in photo finish proportions but it was the younger rider, Francis who came across as the eventual winner, with Reid in second.

But that was not the only fight for podium positions in the Motostar class. The battle for third was just as fierce with Rendell, Mackenzie and RS Racing’s Joe Irving all in a position to clinch the final podium step. The diminutive Mackenzie was the first to break free on lap nine and overtook Rendell at Chris Curve. But his success was not to last as he crashed on lap eleven at Mansfield, leaving Irving and Rendell and Tom Carne to round off the top five.

FPW Racing’s Taz Taylor, Spike Racing’s Elliot Lodge and Flossy Racing’s Stephanie Waddelow came across the finishing line inside the top ten.

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