Superbikes - Kirkham 'wants to enjoy racing again'

Buildbase BMW’s Jon Kirkham is coming to terms with missing out on a place in the MCE British Superbike Showdown, and is naturally disappointed after team-mate James Westmoreland pipped him to the post in the narrowest of margins.

Superbikes - Kirkham 'wants to enjoy racing again'

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Donington BSB: ?I want to enjoy racing again? ? Kirkham

The two riders were on equal points by the end of the race two at Donington Park, but Westmoreland had more sixth place finishes, meaning he has a chance to challenge for the championship. Kirkham rode as hard as he could, but could not improve on his sixth and seventh place finishes, and was hoping that he had done enough to secure his place in the Showdown.

“It has sunk it, obviously I am disappointed I rode as hard in that race as I possibly could and I tried 100 percent but we were just missing something and it has gone to James as it went on zero points. But James had one more sixth place than me. We both had the same amount of fourths and the same amount of fifths but he had one more sixth,” said Kirkham, speaking to from the circuit.

“In race two I was hoping Ellison did not make a mistake and hoping he was between James and the front boys, and if it worked out like that I would have got into the Showdown. At least it went fair and square and it was not a bike failure. It is what it is and the season continues and I have to try and forget about it and move on.”

Kirkham has a good relationship with his team-mate and both riders have similar personalities and get on well, but in the end the taller of the two riders is glad that he was beaten to the Showdown by his team-mate, rather than any other rider in the paddock.

“I am glad that James beat me as he is a nice lad, and it didn’t go to someone I dislike. We both get on sound, but you still want to beat your team-mate. The pressure is off now as I have had recent pressure with this top six thing, but it is all forgotten about.

“I want to enjoy racing again and show people what I can do. My second race was half a second quicker than the first race, but we are still lacking something. Now it would be good to mix it up with the top six boys, and try and be the one to mess the top six up for the last few rounds.”

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