Superbikes - Oulton BSB: British Supersport rules tweaked to cut costs

New rules to cut costs in the Motorpoint British Supersport Championship were rubber-stamped at Oulton Park and will come into force for the 2014 season.

Superbikes - Oulton BSB: British Supersport rules tweaked to cut costs

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Oulton BSB: British Supersport rules tweaked to cut costs

BSB bosses are keen to see the class grow even more than it has this year but were aware that some of the smaller teams weren’t able to keep up with bigger outfits and that it had become more difficult to gain entry due to rising costs.

"The Motorpoint British Supersport Championship is providing a fantastic spectacle and tremendous level of competition. However we do have to ensure its sustainability. With the teams and manufactures we have carefully considered some measures to peel back some costs of operation and make the class much more accessible with the introduction of the British Supersport EVO category using exactly the same proven successful principles that we pioneered with the MCE BSB class in 2010,” said series boss Stuart Higgs.

In order to keep costs to a minimum, tyre allocation will be reduced to six dry rear and five dry front Pirelli tyres with the removal of the sticky SC0 option.

There will also be a rev limit introduced which will be manufacturer standard plus 500rpm with a final limit to be introduced after assessment. One set of gearbox ratios will only be allowed for the whole season. The current two-race format will remain but the duration of the Sprint race will be increased.

The existing Supersport Cup will be axed and replaced with Supersport Evo which has been designed to ease the transition from Superstock 600 into Supersport with a target budget of £2500 over the cost of Superstock 600 bikes.

Basic technical parameters of British Supersport EVO:

• Bottom end/head gasket down as current STK600

• Standard generator

• Standard gearbox/single set of standard ratios

(strengthening/superfinishing/undercutting of gears


• Standard slipper clutch – springs/thickness can be


• Full Supersport modification to cylinder head

• Standard cams (with std valves/springs)

• Manufacturers’ kit or standard ECU with Power

Commander. Traction control not permitted.

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