Superbikes - Tinmouth hopes to change perception of female riders

EXCLUSIVE: Jenny Tinmouth made history last week at the Snetterton MCE British Superbike round by becoming the first woman to score points in the premier class.

Superbikes - Tinmouth hopes to change perception of female riders

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Jenny Tinmouth

Tinmouth races for the Two Wheel Racing team which she also owns and manages. She is the current female Isle of Man TT lap record holder.

She recently took the time to tell Eurosport about women in motorsports, encouraging other girls to take part, sexism in the sport and the dangers of the track.

Why are there so few women competing in motorbike racing?

It’s possibly down to perception. Not many girls do it so other girls don’t necessarily think it’s something they would do or could do. People like Ana Carrasco in Moto3 are positive role models for girls. There were not as many girls doing it before but now there are more doing it I think it will become the norm quite soon.

Do you see yourself as a role model for girls?

I didn’t initially. I was racing because I loved racing but the more I carried on the more girls came up to me to say they really enjoy watching me. Hopefully I’ve been a good role model.

What advice would you give to girls looking to get into motorbike racing?

Just get on a bike and do some track days and get used to riding and handling the bike. Work your way up through club level. Get on a bike, enjoy it and go racing.

Were you worried about the dangerous nature of the sport when you started?

I didn’t consider it at the time. My dad had a motorbike so I was always around bikes and it was natural for me to get on a bike when I was old enough to pass my test. I just loved the speed and the adrenaline rush and the dangerous side makes it more fun. I’ve had quite a few broken bones, a metal plate in one arm and a few scuffs and a few scars but nothing out of the ordinary really!

Have you ever experienced sexism in the paddock?

No, it’s always been completely fair. The paddock is a friendly place and motorcycling generally is very friendly and helpful. There has never been any sexism; everyone tries to help each other out. I’ve always had a lot of help in the paddock and it’s been brilliant.

How do you asses your season so far?

It’s going really well considering we are on the back foot. We are probably the least funded team and we are tiny in comparison with other teams on the grid. What we are doing and what we are trying to achieve is monumental considering the size of our team and the resources we have. I just hope we can pick up from sponsorship from it, that’s what we really need.

It’s tough because I work full time, race at weekends and try to get sponsorship too. I must admit to not being able to give enough time to the sponsorship side of it and the team probably suffers as a consequence. But hopefully with the results and coverage we’ve been getting we will put ourselves in a good position for sponsorship in the future.

Watch Jenny Tinmouth in action at Brands Hatch for round six of the MCE British Superbike Championship this Sunday LIVE on British Eurosport 2 HD.

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