Superbikes - Walker prepared for comprehensive testing programme

GBmoto Kawasaki’s Chris Walker is preparing for a rigorous testing regime with his new MCE British Superbike team. The housewives’ favourite alongside new team-mate James Ellison will be travelling to Spain with GBmoto Kawasaki, and Walker already has a wish-list up his sleeve as to what he wants to test on his brand new bike.

Superbikes - Walker prepared for comprehensive testing programme

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Walker prepared for comprehensive testing programme

Suspension is key to the veteran racer, but he will also be testing out the Pirelli seventeen inch tyres, and Walker will be hoping for a lot of pre-season track time, before the first BSB round at Brands Hatch in a few months time.

“We have a private test in Spain, before the BSB test’s which is only planned at the moment, it is not one hundred percent at the moment, and the team are building brand new bikes for me and James as well. It is similar spec to what I have ridden in previous years, but with some new updated parts. I believe the suspension choice is Ohlin’s, and I am excited about the change.

“Suspension is going to be the big thing I will be testing for, also the new Pirelli seventeen inch wheels and tyres, which I think will effect the settings a little bit too. The word from World Superbikes is that the seventeen inch has a lot more grip, so to get the best out of it, you have to alter the bike a bit, so there will be changes we have to test too so I can’t wait.

“What is exciting about the team is that they will be doing a lot of testing aboard and in the UK which will be great. I want to get in the Showdown and stay in it. I crept in the Showdown last year, but to stay in it you need to be on a bike more than I have been, so to be with a team that have a committed testing programme is great. I am under no illusion that I have less year's ahead of me than I have behind me, but if I get in the Showdown in 2014 then I might have another year next year, but that’s the plan,” said Walker, speaking to

Walker has been involved in racing for many years, and even he can not believe that he has ended up at a top team in the championship, but he is pleased that he has been partnered with good friend, James Ellison. The former Quattro Plant Kawasaki rider believes that Ellison is a strong contender for the title this year, and hopes that having a fast rider in the team will help push him into Showdown contention.

“It is really special for me to join a great team like GBmoto, fortunately with my experience with Kawasaki it helped me get the ride with the team and it is a chance I didn’t think I would get, so I have been training hard for the season.

“I have known James for years, and we are good friends and I do think that he will be a contender for the championship this year. I think the Kawasaki will suit his style, and I think we will work well together. It will be great for me to have a fast team-mate, as it will spur me on too, and I think that has been the missing link in previous years.”

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