Superbikes - WSBK bosses plan Evo sub-class for 2014

Dorna ringmaster Carmelo Ezpeleta has outlined plans for a new and cheaper class to run inside World Superbikes for 2014 modelled on the current MCE British Superbike regulations and called Evo.

Superbikes - WSBK bosses plan Evo sub-class for 2014

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WSBK bosses plan Evo sub-class for 2014

Ezpeleta believes that the only way to bolster flagging grids is to being in a much cheaper method of racing, which worked for BSB when it wheeled in the Evo rules for 2010 before adopting them fully for 2011. Whether not WSBK put a cap on electronics, or stick to a kit ECU, is still subject to speculation.

“We are of the opinion that it serves Superbikes to be closer to mass production, so we decided to introduce from 2014 a new category that will be called Evo. It will be a stock motorcycle that is closely derived from the series, but with many details like suspension, brakes and tyres identical to the Superbike now. So the performance will be very similar. The private teams can spend very little and gamble be on a par, or nearly so, with the top teams that will continue to run the current bikes, that, in our opinion, are too expensive and sophisticated,” Ezpeleta told Italian media.

BSB introduced their Evo class in 2010 as a sub-plot to the main series before moving over to the regulations fully a year. The rules allow minimal engine tuning and a spec-ECU with no traction control or any other rider aids.

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