The new Supergirl movie hires the writer of the old Supergirl movie

 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1.
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1.

The new Supergirl movie has found its writer in actress/playwright Ana Nogueira, according to a report from THR. According to DC Films co-CEO James Gunn, the planned film will be based on Tom King and Bilquis Evely's Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow limited series.

Interestingly enough, Ana Nogueira joining the project is actually a rehire rather than a brand new addition to the film, as Nogueira was initially hired back in 2022 to write a Supergirl film which would have spun-off from The Flash.

That plan was scrapped following both the dismal reception to The Flash, as well as James Gunn and Peter Safran being named as co-CEOs of DC Films later that year. Gunn announced the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow-based film in the first wave of reveals of planned DC Films projects, with Ana Nogueira's rehiring to draft a new version of the film bringing its planning cycle full circle.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

(Image credit: DC)

It's unclear exactly how much of the plot of the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow comic story the film will follow. In the comic book, Kara Zor-El sets out on an intergalactic adventure alongside Krypto the Superdog which takes her into much more mature territory than many of her classic tales.

Nogueira is known to audiences as an actor following stints on The Vampire Diaries and The Blacklist. As a writer, she's known for her play Which Way to the Stage which debuted off-Broadway in 2022. She's also currently working on a script for an adaptation of author Alice Sola Kim’s short story Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters, also through Warner Bros.

No release date for Supergirl has been announced, though it's looking like it will land in 2027 or 2028, based on Gunn's comments that it will come "about two years" after the release of 2025's Superman: Legacy.

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