Surfing - Pro surfer arrested for attempted murder in Hawaii

Professional surfer Jill Hansen has been arrested and charged with attempted murder following a bizarre road rage incident in Honolulu.

Surfing - Pro surfer arrested for attempted murder in Hawaii

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Professional surfer Jill Hansen (Facebook)

The 30-year-old, who also calls herself a model, had a violent exchange with 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin on a busy city street before she reportedly followed the senior citizen back to her living quarters in the Diamond Head neighbourhood.

Having pulled into the building's garage, Conklin is understood to have got out of her car before Hansen allegedly ran her down - an event which allegedly took place in front of an eyewitness, who is said to have confirmed the incident to police.

Hansen allegedly then got out of her car to look at Conklin before jumping back in and attempting to reverse back over the already seriously injured lady.

Fortunately for the 73-year-old, a man named Chris Khory, who works in the building, reportedly grabbed a crowbar and struck Hansen's car windows until she stopped and fled from the scene.

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According to Khory, Hansen is alleged to have run away on foot, leaving her damaged car behind.

Police reportedly tracker her down and arrested her just a few hours later.

The Honolulu Fire Department arrived on scene at approximately 11:45 local time and found Conklin on the ground with cuts and bruises on her body.

"It was pretty shocking," said neighbour Don Persons. "He's (Khory) lived in the Waikiki area for decades. He knows Conklin and the good samaritan who helped her.

"Chris is a great guy. It's nice to know people are still willing to get involved."

It is not the first time that Hansen has been in trouble with police. She has a pending third degree assault case in an unrelated matter and, according to the Daily Mail, has been stopped three times for speeding since February.

Hawaii News Now has reported that Conklin remains hospitalised while Hansen is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

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