Surfing - Squiers shines at Burleigh Heads

New South Wales surfer Nicholas Squiers shined in the opening heat of the day to progress from round three in the Breaka Burleigh Pro on the Gold Coast.

Surfing - Squiers shines at Burleigh Heads

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Nicholas Squiers at the Breaka Burleigh Pro (ASP)

Squiers scored 14.10 as he thrived at Burleigh Heads to secure the win with his final 7.33 lifting him ahead of Brazil’s Marco Fernandez, who also advanced in second place.

There were good scores throughout the day as the surfers enjoyed blissful conditions, but Squiers was left relieved to progress after a sluggish start.

“Normally I like to start my heats with good scoring rides but that wasn’t the case today,” Squiers said.

“I was behind most of the heat but fortunately found a good wave late and nailed it – the waves are good and if it can stay good I’m confident I can surf well here – we’ll see.”

Squiers will face Brazilian Luel Felipe and fellow Australian surfer Kieren Perrow, the world number 19, in round four tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Jack Duggan continued his outstanding run by coming through a high-scoring heat against Ty Watson.

In his first ever ASP World Tour event, Duggan’s heat score of 16.50 was the highest of the day and included an excellent 8.8 ride.

The top seeds join the event in the next round, with Mick Fanning and Owen Wright as the top two performers on paper.

Round three results

Heat 1: Nicholas Squeirs (Aus) 14.10, Marco Fernandez (Bra), 13.67, Hiroto Arai (Jpn) 9.73, Harrison Mann (Aus) 9.60

Heat 2: Jose Ferreira (Prt) 14.83, John Cummings (Aus) 14.50, Jordin Watson (Aus) 10.97, Quinn Bruce (Aus) 9.66

Heat 3: Jack Duggan (Aus) 16.50, Ty Watson (Aus) 13.27, Luan Cavalho (Bra) 11.86, Jake Sylvester (Aus) 11.54

Heat 4: David Van Zyl (Zaf) 14.50, Jerome Forrest (Aus) 14.26, Mateia Hiquily (Pyf), Noah Erickson (USA) 9.13

Heat 5: Paul Cesar Distingui (Fra) 13.50, Shane Holmes (Aus) 11.10, Taylor Thorne (USA) 10.17, Nobuyuki Osawa (Jpn) 9.43

Heat 6: Santiago Muniz (Arg) 12.76, Dean Bowen (Aus) 12.00, Chris Bennetts (Aus) 9.53, Todd Rosewall (Aus) 7.14

Heat 7: Tim Macdonald (Aus) 11.56, Nathan Webster (Aus) 11.30, Steven Sawyer (ZAF) 11.07, Kai Hing (Aus) 10.40

Heat 8: Ryan Callinan (Aus) 15.93, Matt Lewis-Hewitt (Nzl) 13.53, Darren O’Rafferty (11.73), Mitchell James (5.00)

Heat 9: Rafael Teixeira (Bra) 13.43, Arashi Kato (Jpn) 13.27, Rikiya Kitada (Jpn) 9.50, Tatsuya Fukagawa(Jpn) 7.16

Heat 10: Frederico Morias (Prt) 16.07, Nick Vasicek (Aus) 12.30, Noa Deane (Aus) 11.00, Carlo Zapata (Per) 9.73

Heat 11: Dan Ross (Aus) 11.63, Hiroto Ohhara (Jpn) 11.07, Chris Salisbury (Aus) 9.83, Billy Kean (Aus) 6.70

Heat 12: Brent Dorrington (Aus) 14.00, Kaito Ohashi (Jpn) 12.67, Dai Wako (Jpn) 9.26, Kaiki Yamanaka (Jpn) 7.60

Heat 13: Corey Ziems (Aus) 13.77, Cahill Bell-Warren (Aus) 10.94, Enrique Aritu (Pyf) 10.60, Soli Bailey (Aus) 10.30

Heat 14: Thomas Woods (Aus) 15.83, Shane Campbell (Aus) 14.14, Jesse Adam (Aus) 14.00, James Watson (Aus) 8.80

Heat 15: Dale Lovelock (Aus) 13.20, James Wood (Aus) 13.03, Connor OLeary (Aus) 12.07, Chris Enever (Aus) 10.47

Heat 16: Hairil Anwar (Ind) 15.67, Kenta Hayashi (Jpn) 13.23, Ryan Campbell (Aus) 11.57, Kanoa Igarashi (USA) 9.90

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