Surfing - Volcom Pipe Pro start further delayed

The start of the Volcom Pipe Pro at Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline was delayed for a fourth day due to wave conditions.

Surfing - Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach start delayed

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Surfing - general shot (Reuters)

With the three previous lay days called due to the large nature of the swell, day four was cancelled with just small waves on offer.

A statement on the event's official website read: "After a couple of big messy days, Pipeline is now looking small and sloppy forcing us to call yet another lei day.

"There were a few good waves over the course of the day yesterday, but not nearly enough to run a contest."

A bigger, more surfable swell is expected to develop at the North Shore over the next two days, giving hope that the new ASP World Tour season's first five star-rated event will commence soon.

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