Surfing - Young surfers dominate in Newcastle

A cluster of surfing’s emerging young talents thrived in their heats on day one of the ASP's Burton Toyota Pro at Merewether, Newcastle on Monday.

Surfing - Young surfers dominate in Newcastle

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Indonesian surfer Oney Anwar (ASP)

Indonesian surfer Oney Anwar enhanced his professional ambitions with two distinguished eight-point rides in his round one heat, scoring 16.33 to lead the way.

The 19-year-old, who is desperate to secure as many ranking points as possible to rise up the world rankings, said he still has a long way to go if he is to achieve his goals at the event.

"Sure that was a great heat, fun waves and opportunities to do aerials but this is a 6-Star event and the next round will be harder and I must surf better," he said.

"These are high quality events with so many great surfers and I need to keep surfing better and better. I’m focusing on all the big events this year in Australia, Europe and Mexico.

"It’s all about improving my rating this year – events like this one carry big points and it’s definitely important to me."

Another impressive performer from the opening day in Newcastle was Davey Cathels of Australia, who scored an outstanding 9.27 – the highest single wave score of the day.

Cathels’s combined two-wave total of 17.10 was the day’s highest heat tally, and saw him comfortably win heat 10.

"I’ve worked hard on making sure my boards are right this season and right now they feel really good," he said.

"I selected my waves well out there, managed to find a really good one late heat and tagged some strong bottom to top turns so it was a good heat."

Burton Toyota Pro Round of 144

Heat 1: Matt Lewis Hewitt (NZ) 12.50, Beyrick De Vries (Zaf) 11.50, Corey Ziems (Aus) 10.40, Guillermo Satt (Chl) 8.07

Heat 2: Hiroto Ohhara (Jpn) 12.00, Steven Sawyer (Zaf) 11.46, Ty Watson (Aus) 10.34, Eric Geiselman (USA) 9.10

Heat 3: Oney Anwar (Ind) 16.33, Bino Lopes (Bra) 12.33, Blake Thornton (Aus) 12.17, Nick Vasicek (Aus) 8.13

Heat 4: Billy Stairmand (NZ) 14.83, Michael Powell (USA) 11.27, Soli Bailey (Aus) 8.80, Taishi Kawabata (Jpn) 7.44

Heat 5: Nobuyuki Osawa (13.77), Jesse Adam (Aus) 11.93, Balaram Stack (USA) 9.90, Rafael Teixeira (Bra)

Heat 6: Santiago Muniz (Arg) 16, Kalani David (Haw) 9.9, Ricardo Christie (NZ) 9.36, Rikiya Kitada (Jpn) 4.77

Heat 7: Frederico Morais (Ptg) 16.04, Maxime Huscenot ( France), Carlo Zapata (Per) 11.2, Borja Agote (Euk) 6.57

Heat 8: Caio Ibelli (Bra) 16, Jeremy Johnston (USA) 11.94, Andre Teixeira (Bra) 9.04, Tim Macdonald (Aus) 5.79

Heat 9: Peterson Chrisanto (Bra) 13.66, Cahill Bell-Waren (Aus) 12.93, Yujiro Tsuji (Jpn) 9.03, Nathan Webster (Aus) 9

Heat 10: Davey Cathels (Aus) 17.10, Ian Gouveia (Bra) 10.6, Luan Carvalho (Bra) 9.9, Todd Rosewall (Aus) 8.06

Heat 11: Thomas Woods (Aus) 13.86, Krystian Kymerson (Bra) 13.8, Jose Ferreira (Ptg) 12.33, Takumi Nakamura Jpn (9.27)

Heat 12: Vincent Duvignac (Fra) 14.94, Teppie Tajima (Jpn) 12.4, Dave Reardon-Smith (Aus) 9.97, Sid Guimaraes (Bra) 9.74

Heat 13: Stu Kennedy (Aus) 12.16, Jordin Watson (Aus) 11.60, Jackson Baker (Aus) 10.66, Kenta Hayashi (Jpn)

Heat 14: Garrett Parkes (Aus) 15.16, Dale Lovelock (Aus) 11.73, Luel Felipe (Bra) 10.70, James Wood (Aus) 9.77

Heat 15: Lucas Silveira (Bra) 8.6, Leandro Usuna (Arg) 8.43, Akito Komuku (Jpn) 7.17, Ryan Bignold (Aus) 4.56

Heat 16: Marco Fernandez (Bra) 14.50, Shaun Joubert (Zaf) 12, David Van Zyl (Zaf) 10.07, Jaymes Triglone (Aus)

Heat 17: Michael Dunphy (USA) 13.34, Jerome Forrest (Aus) 11.34, Chris Michalak (Aus) 10.16, Steve Pierson (Pyf) 9.5

Heat 18: Mateia Hiquily (Pyf) 13.87, Enrique Ariitu (Pyf) 11.43, Vasco Ribeiro (Prt) 11.20, Chris Foster (Aus) 10.20

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