The Surprising Reason Beyoncé and JAY-Z's 'Lasting Connection' Is 'Proven in the Stars,' According to an Astrologer

The music power couple possess a planetary square signifying they will always “strive to comprehend each other,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells PEOPLE

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Kevin Mazur/Getty

Beyoncé and JAY-Z have been “crazy in love” for over two decades, but what do the stars say about their romance?

The couple first collaborated on the song “03 Bonnie & Clyde” in 2002 and eventually tied the knot on April 4, 2008. Since then, they have partnered together on music and life, releasing many more songs together and welcoming three children: daughter Blue Ivy and twins Sir and Rumi.

As they celebrate their wedding anniversary, PEOPLE recently spoke with astrologer and bestselling author Lisa Stardust, who analyzed both Beyoncé and JAY-Z's natal charts to predict their overall compatibility.

Born on Dec. 4, 1969, JAY-Z is a Sagittarius Sun and Libra Moon, while Beyoncé was born on Sept. 4, 1981, making her a Virgo Sun and a Scorpio Moon.

Stardust points out that Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s charts show a planetary square, “an astrological aspect that happens when two planets are 90° apart,” and signify two people that will always “strive to comprehend each other.”

Read ahead for a deep dive on what the stars say about the music superstars, based on Stardust’s readings.

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Beyoncé and JAY-Z's compatibility based on planetary alignment

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty</p> Beyoncé and Jay-Z holding hands on stage

Kevin Mazur/Getty

Beyoncé and Jay-Z holding hands on stage

Though Beyoncé and JAY-Z have their differences, their signs also balance each other out. Stardust notes that while JAY-Z’s Sagittarius Sun sign often “values independence,” his Libra Moon sign “values relationships” at the same time.

“His ideal partner is someone who grows and evolves with him, who challenges his mind and is committed to partnership,” Stardust points out.

Meanwhile, Stardust posits that Beyoncé’s Virgo Sun and Scorpio Moon sign causes her to display “a strong analytical inclination, carefully considering her actions before taking the next step,” adding that “her deep emotional temperament and unwavering loyalty are reserved for those with whom she shares an intimate connection with.”

Beyoncé and JAY-Z have stood by each other through various highs and lows, which is likely a testament to their planetary square, which Stardust describes as “an astrological aspect that happens when two planets are 90° apart.” For the music power couple, specifically, their Sun signs square each other “indicating that they will always make an effort to work through any issues that arise in their quest to comprehend each other because they are committed to preserving their relationship.”

“Furthermore, they are drawn to their personal differences,” Stardust adds. “These variations hold these individuals together because they find them fascinating and captivating.”

Beyoncé and JAY-Z's romance and intimacy compatibility

Myrna Suarez/WireImage Beyoncé and Jay-Z sharing a kiss
Myrna Suarez/WireImage Beyoncé and Jay-Z sharing a kiss

Stardust points out that “Saturn is the planet that holds two charts together in compatibility,” and   Beyoncé’s Saturn “connects with Jay-Z's Moon in Libra, creating an intense bond that will transcend time.”

“They are each other’s life partners,” Stardust says. “Their relationship is proven in the stars, thanks to Saturn, to have a lasting connection.” Stardust adds that “Jay-Z’s Neptune aligns with Beyoncé's Moon in Scorpio, indicating a shared desire to make their dreams come true and help each other grow.”

Beyoncé and JAY-Z's intellectual rapport and communication compatibility

<p>Mike Coppola / Getty Images</p> Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Met Gala

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Met Gala

Stardust notes that the couple’s signs, specifically Beyoncé’s Jupiter connecting to Jay-Z’s Moon, show they are incredibly collaborative in how they work together and communicate. “They're committed to growing and evolving together, and most importantly, looking out for each other,” Stardust says. “The planet Jupiter is associated with expansion and good fortune, while the moon represents our emotional selves and home.”

Stardust points out that “Beyoncé's chart shows that Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of love, are in Libra, which is in alignment with Jay-Z's Libra Moon.” This suggests that they “prefer intimate conversations at home and value connecting with each other.”

Additionally, their communication skills mean they are open about their aspirations and “provide mutual support, making them each other's biggest supporters,” both in the public eye and behind closed doors.

Beyoncé and JAY-Z's career and financial compatibility

Beyoncé and Jay-Z performing together
Beyoncé and Jay-Z performing together

According to Stardust, Beyoncé and JAY-Z have a “fabulous work connection” as Beyoncé's Jupiter and Saturn align with Jay-Z's Moon. “This inspires him as the Moon is a part of ourselves that we cannot express, and Jupiter allows these feelings to be known,” Stardust adds.

Additionally, Beyoncé can be beneficial in offering advice as “Saturn is known to help people improve their talents.” On the flip side, JAY-Z “likes to support Beyoncé in everything she does and finds glory in watching her thrive.”

When it comes to the financial aspect of their relationship, Beyoncé’s “proximity of Saturn, a planet of limitations, to Venus, the planet of money,” can cause her to be more cautious about money. Meanwhile, JAY-Z is a Sagittarius Venus, “making him inclined to spend.” However, Stardust notes that “his Saturn in Taurus makes him value conservation and growth.”

“Overall, they share similar views and prioritize investing in their future,” Stardust adds.

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