I Swear by This Tinted Moisturizer That Makes Shoppers' “Lizard Skin” Look "Dewy"

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<p>U Beauty / InStyle</p>

U Beauty / InStyle

I try hundreds of beauty products a month but I have learned the hard way (breakouts and dull skin) that I can’t and shouldn’t be without U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound. It’s changed the nature of my skin — made it less oily, less prone to bulging zits, brighter, and more even. I’m now on my third bottle, which is saying a lot when I constantly have 100 skincare products waiting to be tested. When I heard the brand was launching its first tinted complexion product, the Super Tinted Hydrator, I was so psyched — and thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

The Super Tinted Hydrator is, as the name implies, the tinted version of the brand’s incredibly popular Super Hydrator. Both are formulated with five different types and sizes of hyaluronic acid so that the ultra-moisturizing ingredient can penetrate beyond the surface level into the deep layers of the skin. It promises 48 hours of hydration and according to one of the hundreds of five-star reviews of the original Super Hydrator, it delivers. One shopper said they saw a transformation “from lizard skin to dewy skin.”

<p>U Beauty</p>

U Beauty


But let’s talk specifically about the tinted version of this moisturizer. It comes in 11 shades, which sounds like a pretty limited range, but it makes more sense once you test the product. It’s very thin and buildable, so it seems to adapt well to more than one skin tone. For example, though Shade 5 (medium with neutral undertones) is my perfect match, 4 and 6 work well, too.

<p>Tamim Alnuweiri</p> Wearing the Super Tinted Hydrator in Shade 5.

Tamim Alnuweiri

Wearing the Super Tinted Hydrator in Shade 5.

The texture of the Super Hydrator and its tinted version is not what you would expect from a moisturizer. It’s super thin and silky, almost watery, and more like a serum than anything else. As such, the pigment is really buildable. One quick and light-handed layer is super subtle. It’s great for an everyday look — like when you want some coverage before you head to the grocery store but don’t really want to wear makeup. My preference is a thicker application; it still looks like my actual skin but without the pores, blemishes, and uneven tone and texture. Just look at that photo above and tell me that my skin doesn’t look naturally flawless.

At $108, the Super Tinted Hydrator is obviously an expensive product (as all U Beauty products are) but I will say that when I wear it I skip some skincare and makeup steps. I don’t apply a moisturizer or a primer, and most of the time skip highlighter too thanks to the natural dewiness it gives me.

Head to U Beauty to shop its new Super Tinted Hydrator. It’s a splurge that will guarantee you flawless skin.

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