Swedes sorry for aiming at goalie's bum

Sweden's FA has issued an apology after players were filmed using a reserve keeper's bum for target practice.


The Swedes warmed up for their critical Euro 2012 match against England on Friday by taking pot shots at Johan Wiland's exposed backside during training.

The goalkeeper was picked on for losing a game of keepie-uppie: he made his way to the edge of the pitch and pulled his shorts down partially while the rest of the squad took turns trying to hit him from around 20 yards.

None of the players hit him, or even got close - suggesting that England have little to fear on Friday.

The footage was filmed by Swedish newspaper Expressen, but you can watch it below (we've been asked to point out that a partial, long-range nude view of a human bum is visible in the footage).

Players initially dismissed it as harmless horseplay that is common on training grounds across the world with midfielder Pontus Wernbloom insisting, ''It's just a game. It's not bullying if everyone wants to take part", and defender Martin Olsson adding, "It's just a fun thing. We've been doing this since we were 12".

But a Swedish anti-bullying charity criticised the stars for their actions.

''They're heroes for thousands of boys and girls all over Sweden and I don't think they should send the signal that this is OK,'' said Lars Arrhenius of 'Friends'.

''This is the kind of stuff that happens in schools and sports clubs, that people use these types of 'games'. But there are some children who get exposed in those situations.''

And when Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt joined in the criticism, the head of the country's FA issued an official apology saying that it showed "poor judgement" despite being in jest.

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