Swedish Influencer Matilda Djerf Debuts Pop-up Djerf Avenue Beauty Salon With Products That Recreate Her TikTok-famous Tresses

For one week only, Scandinavian “It” girl Matilda Djerf is bringing a bit of her native Sweden to the Big Apple. Her clothing, home — and now beauty — brand, Djerf Avenue, is staging its second New York City pop-up at 21 Greene Street.

Following a successful four-day pop-up in SoHo last summer, Djerf Avenue’s new temporary location is bigger and better than the last: Shoppers can try on Matilda Djerf’s clothes, sip from her favorite chrome coffee cups and get her trademark coif.

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Djerf Avenue Beauty's New York pop-up.
Djerf Avenue Beauty’s New York pop-up.

“I wanted people to feel like they’re coming home to us,” Djerf told WWD.

Since founding her namesake label in 2019, Djerf’s product range has ventured beyond apparel, into home decor and now hair care. The first Djerf Avenue Beauty drop, out now, includes two styling products intended to recreate Djerf’s bouncy waves. The influencer’s tresses have long been the subject of TikTok buzz: one search for “Matilda Djerf hair” yields countless videos and millions of views.

Djerf Avenue’s expanded pop-up space features a full salon decked out with Dyson appliances (Djerf frequently champions their viral Air Wrap) and trendy Scandi furnishings straight from her own Stockholm abode. Plush velvet couches and boucle armchairs, courtesy of Dusty Deco, make up a minimalist lounge while stainless steel mugs by The Qool are displayed on matching metallic saucers.

“I’m very loyal when it comes to the products I use,” Djerf explained. “If there’s an opportunity for me to lift up other brands, I’m so happy to do it. It also adds these nice personal touches to the pop-up.”

Djerf Avenue Beauty's New York pop-up.
Djerf Avenue Beauty’s New York pop-up.

According to Djerf’s team, last year’s pop-up saw nearly 1,000 visitors a day with lines surpassing three-hour wait times. Creating a better experience for consumers was top of mind in selecting a larger space. This time around, custom dressing room build-outs were also a must.

“I really wanted it to feel more permanent,” Djerf added.

As of now, there aren’t any specific plans for a full-time brick-and-mortar location, though Djerf certainly isn’t counting it out. “With every pop-up that we do, we realize more and more that we love the aspects of having a physical store,” she said.

Expanding into hair care felt like a natural next step for Djerf — a new avenue to promote her endearing values of inclusivity and sustainability. Casting diverse models and prioritizing ethical production are key tenets of her brand.

Matilda Djerf poses for her Djerf Avenue Beauty campaign.
Matilda Djerf poses for her Djerf Avenue Beauty campaign.

Djerf Avenue Beauty’s On the Go Styling Gel ($22) and Breezy Styling Mist ($27), are also vegan, paraben-free and packaged in recyclable units.

“What links everything together is just the passion and authenticity, whether it’s apparel or beauty or homeware,” Djerf said. “If it feels purposeful and true to us, we can usually make it work.”

The Djerf Avenue Beauty pop-up is open now through April 2 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.

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