Sydney Sweeney Has A Crush On Bowen Yang In Behind-The-Scenes ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch

Sydney Sweeney flexed her rom-com chops on the set of Saturday Night Live this week.

One of her sketched followed Sweeney as she prepared to host SNL and finds herself in a bit of a predicament with one of her co-stars.

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During her time at 30 Rock, the actress began to develop a bit of a crush on Bowen Yang — who, in this sketch, is “straight as they come,” according to his co-workers.

After her misconceptions about his sexuality are cleared up, Sweeney still spends several days staring longingly across the room at him, before she makes her move. As he passes her in the hallway, she says: “Bowen, I didn’t know you were straight.”

“Oh yeah, I’m full hetero,” he says, pushing back a strand of her hair. According to Yang, his type is “blond, smart” with “heavy naturals.”

Her type? “Gay presenting Asian podcasters.” A match made in heaven.

It doesn’t take long for the pair to end up tangled together in an office. But after they do the deed, Yang blows her off, telling her he has “a lot going on.”

“Plus, I’ve gotta keep up appearances with the whole gay thing. It’s sort of my meal ticket,” he explains.

Such is the story of how Sydney Sweeney was played by Bowen Yang. And, it turns out, she isn’t the only one.

Watch the sketch above.

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