T.J. Miller Awkwardly Parasailed Into the Cannes Film Festival to Promote ‘The Emoji Movie’

T.J. Miller knows how to make an entrance. Earlier today, he parasailed into the Cannes Film Festival to promote his upcoming project, The Emoji Movie.

The stunt, which was live-streamed, was put together by Sony’s marketing team to unveil the film’s first official trailer. Dressed in a yellow suit, Miller glided over the French Riviera. He said at the beginning, “Here we go. We’re doing it.”

Miller had some pure comedic and awkward moments up in the air. At one point, he said to the boat captain, “Are you pulling me in? Right now?” And as he struggled with his harness, he kept yelling for help.

Luckily, the Silicon Valley actor landed on the boat safely. But the awkwardness didn’t stop there. He then took the stage in front of the historic Carlton Hotel with life-size emoji including high-five, jailbreak, heart, donut, lips, and pizza.

Before introducing the trailer, Miller acknowledged that this marks his debut at the iconic festival. “What better way to go to your first Cannes Film Festival than to parasail, and my only regret is that my wife wasn’t with me up there to help me not urinate.”

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