"Now That I’m In My 30s, I Don’t Care About That Anymore": Adults Are Sharing The Things They Are Refusing To Do Now That They Are Older

As we get older, it makes sense that our tolerance for certain things will change, so we asked the BuzzFeed Community, "What are you simply getting too old for?" And people had a lot of thoughts on the matter. Here's what they had to say:

1."Theme parks. I've loved theme parks since I was a kid, especially roller coasters — the higher, faster, crazier, the better! I used to have no issues waiting in line for my favorite ride or going on a ride multiple times. Now, however, the combo of the crowds, the heat, the ridiculously long lines, and the fact that I feel sick and out of sorts after going on a roller coaster has just taken the fun out of theme parks altogether."

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2."I’m tired of being disappointed. The older I get, the more I encounter people and situations that disappoint me. I wish I had a pile of money in the bank and a quiet, comfortable place to keep to myself. That’s the best way to grow old, in my opinion."


3."Comfortable and quality shoes! My heels were gorgeous, but they killed my feet. I now live in Allbirds and Rothy’s shoes — no more cutesy cheap stuff from random boutiques."

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4."Being talked down to. I retired my capacity for it when I entered my 40s and now, whether you're my employer or someone in my personal life, you aren't going to talk to me in any kind of way. If you do, I've mastered the art of scathing rebuttals and ignoring people. You teach others how to treat you!"


5."Going anywhere that doesn’t have a parking lot. I don’t want to circle the block for 20 minutes just to try to squeeze into a tiny spot with ambiguous street signs — just let me park in a parking lot!!"

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6."I was actually offended by Daylight Saving Time! I never had a problem when it became dark early before — but this past fall, I was honestly offended. I hope next year is better."


7."Long or complicated trips on public transportation. I don't want to arrive somewhere exhausted already. I live in a city and will take a taxi instead. I know it costs more money, but I'm pretty frugal otherwise and the savings in time and energy are worth it."

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8."Being 'cool.' I have never been cool and was very self-conscious as a teen and in my 20s when people my age were out partying, etc. Now that I’m in my 30s, I don’t care about that anymore."


9."As I age, I will no longer get the cheapest hotel option with three other girls just to cut down on costs. Gone are the days I'd go on a girls trip, shove myself into a tiny 2-star hotel room, and then binge drink or stay up the entire time. Hostels are a no-go as well. My vacations have very quickly gone from partying and drinking to 4/5-star hotels with room service and a spa BY MYSELF. There is nothing better than once or twice a year getting a luxury hotel room for a couple of days and just relaxing. Eating in bed, reading a book on the balcony in the sun, shopping or museums, a night dinner, a hot shower, and bed alone. I no longer pack skimpy clothes and heels but smart sundresses with comfortable shoes for exploring. Aging is a beautiful thing if you let it."

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10."Caring about people who don’t care about me. (I’m 70.) When I was in my late teens/early 20s, I was in a few relationships (platonic and otherwise) that were very one-sided, but I was such a people-pleaser back then that I would put up with it. Not anymore — if I get the sense that I am putting way more effort into a relationship than the other person, then I will just back away from it. I’d rather be by myself than be with a 'friend' like that."


11."Keeping up with fashion is one. It just moves too fast nowadays with social media and 'micro trends.' You can’t really enjoy your purchases before they are 'out.' I’ve made a point not to purchase any new clothes this year, and you know what? I haven’t burst into flames."

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12."In my 20s, I went out partying nearly most of the week. I loved clubs, dancing, and staying up late. In my 40s, all I want to do is be comfortable in my home, texting with a friend, and wearing comfortable clothes. Fuck clubbing, you can’t pay me enough to do it."


13."Bars and breweries that don’t serve food. Why? If I’m going out to enjoy myself with friends, there better be food. And it better be at least halfway decent. (There’s one in my hometown that just sells candy. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Candy and beer sounds like a horrible idea.)"

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14."Sitting on the floor. I discovered a few months ago that if I sit on the floor for more than 10 minutes, I tweak my back — just by sitting. And then I'm out of commission for almost a week trying to recover. It sucks."


15."Roommates. I’m privileged enough to be able to afford my own home. I only allow guests that have a departure date, or if it’s a family emergency. Otherwise, I’m old and cranky and like having my space and alone time."

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16."People. I'm too old to deal with them — just give me dogs and cats."


17."I eventually had to refuse to participate in camping. Excessive heat? Nope. Sleeping on the ground? Nope. No bathroom? Nope. Cooking and cleaning more while camping than at home? Nope. If it’s not a vacation for me, I won’t go. Give me an A/C, clean sheets, an attached bathroom, a continental breakfast, and a dinner out. That’s a vacation."

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18."Trying certain types of new things. When I was a kid, I wanted to try everything at least once. Now, there are things like water skiing and scuba diving that I no longer have any interest in attempting. The world is vast enough that there are plenty of new activities and interests I can pursue where there are things to do and places to go I’m no longer tempted by. Part of this is having the maturity to better understand risks and their long-term impacts and another part is knowing the quirks of my own body at the age I’m at and having a better idea what its weaknesses are (and which weaknesses I have the likelihood to be able to change and which I don’t)."


19."New music. There's no artist development anymore, so there's truly hardly any talent out there anymore — and there's also SO MUCH music available that it doesn't seem worth it to seek these artists out, especially since there's a ton of music/musicians I already love."

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Is there something you no longer want to deal with as you've gotten older? If so, tell us what it is in the comments below: