‘T.I. and Tiny’ Series Finale Also Marriage Finale

There is an old Parisian saying that goes, “Love is like eggs, best when fresh.” On the series finale of T.I. and Tiny, Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle Harris realized their love for each other had spoiled.

The not-so-happy couple sat down to dinner and to discuss their failing marriage. After sharing a few f-bombs and what appeared to be spinach dip, the couple decided they had irreconcilable differences. T.I. pointed out, “You want it your way, I want it my way, and we have an inability to compromise.”

The couple decided they had just grown too far apart and that divorce was the most logical way to proceed. And while that is probably what is best, as the episode ended it was sad seeing T.I. turn out the lights in a house that was once so full of laughter and love.

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