'Talk sh*t & hope they buy it' – Robertson recalls selling lingerie before career breakthrough


Liverpool star Andy Robertson has revealed he was once forced to sell women's lingerie whilst working at a department store before his big break came in football, stating that he “just talked sh*t” and hoped customers would buy something.

Robertson's rise from the lower echelons of football is well documented, with the Glaswegian having been released by Celtic after being considered too small to make it at the highest level.

A move to amateur side Queen's Park followed, with his fine performances at Hampden then leading to being signed by Dundee, Hull City and eventually Liverpool.

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Having come up the hard way, Robertson detailed what life was like before becoming a global superstar, admitting that he once had to work in the women's underwear section of the store he worked in.

“I was on the checkouts at Marks and Spencer,” the Scotland captain told That Peter Crouch Podcast. “My mates got discounts on Percy Pigs, so they were delighted. I was only 17-18.

“I actually worked a couple of shifts on women's lingerie. They were short on staff and I got flung up there. You just talk sh*t and hopefully they buy it.”

Robertson also admitted that he didn't have the greatest of first days at Liverpool's Melwood training centre, revealing that a fitness test left him rather worse for wear.

““I remember on my first day we had to do the Lactate Test – basically running to your maximum. I remember running alongside Danny Ings and I was just physically sick everywhere. Day one.

“Luckily the gaffer wasn’t there, so I thought I’d got away with it. They returned, he introduced himself and he called me ‘Mr. Sick Boy’ or something like that.”

Winning the Champions League with the Reds has been the ultimate vindication for Robertson's persistence, with head coach Jurgen Klopp having put his full faith in the left-back.

Klopp is well known for his big personality and motivational skills, but Robertson claims the German boss even puts his full effort into drinking and partying.

“He’s probably even more Klopp. He says, ‘anything you do, you do 100% - you play 100%, you train 100%, you party 100%. When he parties, he parties Klopp x3 or x4.”

“What you see is what you get with him.”

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