Tara Lipinski Recalls Moment She Found Out Her Baby Didn't a Have Heartbeat: 'I Just Knew'

The Olympian and her husband Todd Kapostasy have been sharing their fertility journey on their podcast 'Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting'

<p>Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting The Podcast/YouTube</p>

Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting The Podcast/YouTube

Tara Lipinski is sharing a difficult moment in her fertility journey.

On the third episode of her podcast Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting, the professional figure skater, 41, sits down with her co-host, husband Todd Kapostasy, and opens up about the difficult moment she found out her baby didn't have a heartbeat.

"So at five and a half weeks you have what's called a gestational scan," Kapostasy says.

"Right. Then we had to wait, we went to the gestational scan with Dr. Beck," Lipinski responds.

"So what is that and what did our results show in that?" Kapostasy asks her to explain.

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"So we get to see almost every part of the progression of the pregnancy because we were working with an IVF clinic. And so we went to the scan and I didn't know what to expect, I thought you know, maybe these numbers are good enough. Maybe it's going to be okay," the Olympic skater says.

"And then Dr. Beck, smile on her face, 'There it is! I see it.' And you see this little black package with your cute little embryo in the middle. So we saw a gestational sac and then inside is the yolk sac and hopefully a fetal pull."

"That was the next big jump and she's like, 'Yes. It's there, looking good.' They also check if you're up to date, to exactly where you are in your pregnancy. I was looking good, I think I was a day ahead. And I thought, 'Ok now there's a little more hope,' " Lipinski recalls.

"This is probably another instance where Todd, insensitive idiot is like, 'Tara, I told you. Geez, stop with the worrying. Enough.' " Kapostasy tells his wife. "And then a week later, six and a half weeks in, you do a heartbeat scan. Which to me is just a crazy scan in general, like you're literally seeing whether or not this embryo has grown enough to have a beating heart."

"Well you know, I was a little hopeful and just praying for a heartbeat and it's crazy that this little thing has a flicker that you'll see on a screen. It's a big milestone to reach," the athlete says.

"And I walked in and sat down and I just knew. I knew from watching her, that awkward silence, that searching, I could tell she just wanted to find this heartbeat. And just the look on her face when she said, 'I'm sorry, there's no fetal heartbeat.'"

Throughout her podcast, Lipinski has been detailing her struggles with infertility. In the first episode, the athlete revealed that she never thought getting pregnant would be a struggle for her.

"I wasn’t educated, there wasn’t ever a moment that someone brought this to me to even think about," she told Kapostasy of struggling with infertility. "Or to drop a seed in my brain to think about a fertility timeline and a biological clock."

"You kind of heard, ‘Oh your biological clock is ticking,’ and that’s the only thing I feel like I ever heard that could remotely make me think that there was a timeline," she continued. "I also felt like I work out, I work my muscles, I hydrate, I was an elite athlete at one point in my life. I eat healthy, and I just thought, 'Oh maybe these things correlate,' and that’s not necessarily true."

In the second episode, Lipinski recalled finding out she was pregnant for the first time after trying naturally. Despite her worries, she was able to conceive. "I had zero hopes that this was going to work, but somehow, and I don't know how or why, I was pregnant. And I just remember you looking at me and saying, 'See? We worried for nothing,'" she told Kapostasy.

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