Taylor Ann Green Admits 'Emotions Got the Best of Me' First Time Seeing Shep Rose Post-Split (Exclusive)

"I need to be zipped up and locked away," the 'Southern Charm' star tells PEOPLE of her strong reaction in Thursday's season 9 premiere

<p>Taylor Ann Green/Instagram</p>

Taylor Ann Green/Instagram

'Southern Charm' stars Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green

Madison LeCroy intended her wedding fête to be a celebration of love, but of course, her Southern Charm costars had another plan.

In Thursday’s season 9 premiere, Taylor Ann Green encountered ex-boyfriend Shep Rose for the first time and got into a raised-voice fight with Craig Conover for not telling her about 43-year-old Rose’s alleged cheating.

“That was the first time we saw each other in a while — it had probably been a couple months — and obviously I found out some things in the interim and it was pretty upsetting,” Green, 28, tells PEOPLE. “I wanted to go in there just calm, cool and collected, and maybe sad for [Shep], but my emotions got the best of me.”

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<p>tephanie Diani/Bravo via Getty</p>

tephanie Diani/Bravo via Getty

Meanwhile, Conover, 34, tells PEOPLE “it wasn't my place” to get involved with Green and Rose’s relationship.

“I love Taylor to death, but Shep's been one of my best friends for a decade,” explains the Sewing Down South founder.

Conover also felt that because Rose had cheated before, the instance Green brought up at the party — Rose’s flirtation with Leva Bonaparte’s employee Mia Alario — seemed more benign.

“If it was the first time that he cheated, I think then you have a responsibility to inform the person,” Conover says. “But it had happened before a couple times. She had stayed with him. And so at the end of the day, if nothing's going to change if she found out that info, I'm not going to run and tattle on my friend. It never even crossed my mind to tell Taylor.”

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<p>Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images</p>

Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

LeCroy’s wedding celebration marked the first time many of the Southern Charm cast members heard about what had transpired between Green and Rose.

“She didn't even tell us she had all this stuff going on,” Bonaparte, 44, tells PEOPLE of Green. “Taylor literally was just like, ‘Turn around, and by the way....’ So we were all like, "Whoa, what's going on?"

Conover stands by his position that he “did my best to prevent it from happening that night,” referring to Rose pursuing Alario. “I physically slammed him against the wall because he was hammered,” he recalls.

Charles Sykes/Bravo/getty
Charles Sykes/Bravo/getty

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As Conover expressed on the premiere, he feels “there's a little bit of deflection” going on in terms of Green taking out her anger over Rose on him. The premiere left off with Conover telling Green to “stop f---ing yelling about s--- you don’t know about” and Green asking Conover, who’s dating Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo, how he would feel if “your girl cheated on you?”

“I've always had her back, so I was a little blindsided,” Conover admits. “But I think you'll see that a lot this year with people deflecting their frustration on other people.”

Green know she could’ve handled the situation better. “I need to be zipped up and locked away,” Green quips. “I feel like Craig and I had lost a friendship, and it was just kind of slowly pulling apart, and then that was just the cherry on top. There's a lot of emotions happening.”

<p> Paul Cheney/Bravo via Getty</p> Brett Randle and Madison LeCroy on the 'Southern Charm' season 9 premiere

Paul Cheney/Bravo via Getty

Brett Randle and Madison LeCroy on the 'Southern Charm' season 9 premiere

As for what LeCroy thought about the explosion at the party honoring her marriage to Brett Randle, she tells PEOPLE: “I was hoping for it to actually stay classy during the whole event, but we know with this group something was going to happen. I'm just thankful it didn't involve me, so all good.”

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